Once a clinic has signed with us, we begin our streamlined and comprehensive onboarding process. Since each clinic will be a little different, we make sure to get all the necessary info our team needs to begin an efficient billing system. Overall, our onboarding process can be as quick as 30 days with a maximum of 90 days, so our clients should be aware of that timeline before signing to make sure it aligns with their goals. Our transition process includes:
· Being assigned a main contact to act as your liaison between ORI and your team. While we will have a team working on your billing, this account manager will be available to you for questions or concerns you may have.
· Getting on the same page with billing systems. We typically need 5-6 hours over the course of 2-3 meetings to get familiar with your specific systems. If you’ve chosen to take on a new system recommended by ORI, then our experts will help your team get familiar with the new software. If you choose to keep your current system, then our experts will begin to familiarize themselves to it and your billing needs. We have experience with most medical billing systems, but we are prepared to learn a new one if it’s being used by our client.
· Reviewing the process and any complications as our billing experts begin putting claims together. If issues continue to arise as staff gets familiar with new software, we are prepared to provide comprehensive training on all of these systems during this transition time.
· Finally, we tell clients that they will start to see results in six months from your go live date. Process-wise, however, the staff should notice soon after our experts have onboarded that their tasks become more streamlined and organized.
Beginning a contract with us during the summer is the perfect time for us to complete the onboarding process in time for the busy 4th quarter. If you’ve been contemplating the benefits of outsourcing, now is the time to call and talk to our experts. Give Outsource Receivables Inc. a call to see how outsourcing your billing and improving your billing software can benefit your clinic.
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