Offshore Medical Billing vs US Based Medical Billing

As a medical practice looking for expert medical billing assistance, you have a lot of options inside and outside of the United States. Which option is better? Offshore medical billing or US based medical billing? At Outsource Receivables, Inc., we feel that sticking... Read Full Post →

Professional eClinicalWorks Medical Billing

When it comes to finding experts in eclinicalWorks, you’ve found the right partner. Outsource Receivables, Inc., specializes in providing medical professionals with medical billing solutions and services. This boosts revenue and makes the patient experience better.... Read Full Post →

In-Home Physical Therapy Billing Companies Illinois

With the rules and regulations around in-home physical therapy billing in the state of Illinois changing regularly, it has become increasingly more difficult for practices to handle this aspect of running a medical clinic on their own. As licensed in-home physical... Read Full Post →

FQHC Medical Billing Companies

When it comes to managing a Federal Qualified Health Center (FQHC), accurate billing is of utmost importance. An FQHC has specialized reimbursement systems in place with regards to Medicare & Medicaid. This adds an extra layer of difficulty when it comes to trying... Read Full Post →

Internal Medicine Medical Billing

Physicians practice internal medicine generally desire to focus on diagnosing, preventing and treating adult diseases of all kinds. If you consider the level of knowledge that is required to become an efficient Doctor specializing in Internal Medicine, you may be... Read Full Post →

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