Changes for Medical Billing in 2019 | What’s on the Horizon

Changes for Medical Billing in 2019Every indication is that there will be changes coming in 2019 for medical billing and coding. It’s important to stay current with any changes since mistakes can result in financial loss and wasted time. The team at Outsource Receivables, Inc. has you covered with easy-to-use technology solutions and a team of experts who work to support your success. Some areas to watch for change include; the Medicare physician fee schedule, Part B drug payments, coding changes in

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Gastroenterology Medical Billing Services

Based on previous years, colon and rectum cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States. It is a hard statistic to swallow, especially for those in the business of gastroenterology health and colon cancer prevention. If you are a... Read Full Post →

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