Video 0168: How Long Does It Take for ORI to Implement Outsourced Medical Billing

Outsource Receivables Video Blog SeriesWe are often asked how long does it take to implement ORI as our full service medical billing agent. Typically, it takes 30 days from the time of the signed contract to be up and running. If a clinic is starting on a completely new system, it may take up to 90 days. During the implementation of the new system, ORI works with the clinic to ensure everything goes smoothly. Our full-service model is an excellent value for our clients.

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Healthcare Billing Support

Healthcare Billing Support | Effective Healthcare Billing Services in Minnapolis and ChicagoIf you took a deep dive into the area of your medical clinic that you need the most support with, there’s a good chance that healthcare billing would be at the top of the list. The truth is that healthcare billing is one of the most difficult processes to handle internally without any support. So, if you’re looking for ways to make your medical clinic more efficient, it’s time to invest in healthcare billing support from our team at Outsource Receivables, Inc.

Looking to ensure that your patients are satisfied with the way they are treated when it comes to billing? Let our customer service experts help your office with critical areas that will strengthen the clinic-patient relationship. Our healthcare billing tools will help you stay proactive when it comes to…

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Benefits of Outsourcing your Health Care Billing

Benefits of Outsourcing your Health Care BillingRunning a healthcare clinic can be a complicated process. Your overall mission is likely to provide the best possible care for each of your patients. But, how is this reconciled with the fact that a clinic is a business and must maintain a positive bottom line in order to be successful. Outsourcing your billing system can help you do both. Outsource Receivables, Inc. specializes on partnering with clinics all over the country to handle the health care billing process so that you and your team can focus on your patients.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Billing System include increasing your clinic’s overall efficiency. When your medical billing is handled in house, you are forced to spend time chasing down the answers to billing questions, following up on problems and spending less time with your patients. Outsourcing with ORI will allow you to spend more time with your patients and see more patients in a given day. You can finally focus on…

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