Asking Clients To Pay Is Easier Than You’d Think

Asking Clients To Pay Is Easier Than You’d Think | Medical Clinic Billing Solutions ProviderTips on How and When to Ask for Payment

As a medical practice, we would guess that one of your biggest challenges has to do with collecting payments from your patients. Collections typically is one of the last things that you want to deal with, but the reality is that without healthy financials, your entire practice could go under. At Outsource Receivables, we’ve been working with medical practices since 1998 to streamline their medical billing processes to boost profitability for our clients.

Boosting profitability for your medical practice revolves around efficient medical billing and collection processes. With it becoming more difficult to collect from both patients and insurance companies, it’s critical that you do all you can to improve your collections rates for your medical practice.

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Healthcare Billing Services Provider

Healthcare Billing Services Provider | Outsource Medical Billing ServicesNeed some help with the ongoing healthcare bills that have been becoming more difficult to manage internally? Sure, handling some aspects of your medical practice internally may be a good idea, but when it comes to your healthcare billing, it’s in your best interest to leave this aspect of your practice up to billing professionals. At Outsource Receivables, Inc., (ORI), we are a healthcare billing services provider that has been around since 1998 and we take pride in offering you the total package when it comes to managing your billing.

What is great about partnering with our medical billing professionals at ORI is that you get access to your own expert billing team. Our staff can help you in so many ways, making the decision to outsource your healthcare billing an easy decision. In fact, we have a team of more than 80 people that can assist you with…

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Getting the Most Profit from Your Medical Practice

Getting the Most Profit from Your Medical Practice | Expert Medical Billing Team Providing SolutionsRunning a medical practice can be extremely challenging. You not only have to effectively diagnose your patients, but you also must be well versed in the various medical billing practices to ensure you’re able to get paid on time. Thanks to constantly changing insurance regulations, understanding medical billing is a full-time job. Thankfully, medical practices around the country are learning the many benefits of outsourcing medical billing to a third-party company like Outsource Receivables. There are a whole host of reasons why outsourcing your medical billing can pay great dividends for your practice. A few of the most common reasons our clients choose to work with an experienced medical billing company like Outsource Receivables, include…

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Accounts/Receivable: 90 Days and Benchmarking

Accounts/Receivable: 90 Days and Benchmarking - Medical Billing HelpAs a thriving medical practice, one thing that you likely never thought you’d have to do was chase down unpaid medical bills. The reality is all too often medical practices must spend significant time and energy getting paid. This distraction takes time away from a practitioners most important job which is caring for their patients. Thankfully, the professionals at Outsource Receivables have been in the medical billing industry for decades and have a variety of strategies to ensure your practice runs smoothly and that your receivables are manageable, so you can focus on what you do best. First off you take an inventory of the amount of time you and/or your office staff are spending on all types of…

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Billing Specialists for Medical Billing

Billing Specialists for Medical BillingHave the processes that you have in place when it comes to your medical billing been stressing you out? For many medical clinics, the internal medical billing practices in place are time consuming, not efficient and full of errors. In turn, this can have a negative financial impact on your medical clinic. So, rather than continuing with this mediocrity, it is time to partner with our team at Outsource Receivables, Inc., and tap into our team of medical billing specialists.

Dating back to 1998, our billing specialists have been providing a wide range of assistance to clinic administrators nationwide. With our advanced billing technology, we help provide our clients with immediate positive outcomes financially…

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US Based Medical Billing Services

US Based Medical Billing Services & OutsourcingIf your private medical practice strives to be patient focused and too much of your valuable time is being wasted on medical billing and claims processing, Outsource Receivables, Inc. is the solution. Our US based medical billing services and experts are focused on providing accurate medical billing solutions that can allow you to focus on what is most important, your patients. Many clinics that have invested in Outsource Receivables Services, Inc. medical coding and billing systems have reported an increase in revenue due to a reduced number of coding errors, less time devoted to paperwork and a faster claim reimbursement process.

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