Epilepsy Medical Billing

Billing Company Minneapolis and ChicagoIs outsourcing medical billing a goal of your epilepsy clinic? You likely already realize that it might improve the efficiency of your clinic and your overall bottom line, but may be skeptical of the possibility of relying on a company that is not housed in your own facility. Outsource Receivables, Inc. (ORI) can help you be confident about outsourcing this critical function and can help you no matter if you are in need of an entirely new billing system, or need our team to work with what you already have in place. (more…)

Cardiology Medical Billing

Minneapolis and Chicago Medical Billing SolutionsIf you run a cardiology clinic and have been thinking about the idea of outsourcing your medical billing system to minimize the administrative burden for your staff and increase overall efficiency, now is a great time to learn more about our team at Outsource Receivables, Inc. (ORI). We partner with practice administrators in the Midwest and all over the country to improve medical billing processes while bringing our highest standards for quality and customer service, technology, and a responsive culture. You may be concerned that your current medical billing system is too complex to outsource, but our team is extremely flexible and can use your software, our software or a combination of the two to create an interface that is customized for your specific cardiology practice. You will see immediate outcomes to your bottom line. (more…)

Chemical Dependency Clinic Medical Billing Solutions

Chemical Dependency Clinic Medical Billing Solutions in MN or ILMedical billing for your chemical dependency or substance abuse clinic can be a tedious and often inefficient system.  It is complicated and unnecessary errors can cause a negative impact to your practice’s bottom line.  Outsource Receivables, Inc. specializes in simplifying the health care reimbursement process for clinical dependency clinics all over the Midwest.  We focus our efforts entirely on the medical billing process so that you and your team can focus on the other important aspects of running your practice.  Outsourcing medical billing is an excellent way to help you improve reimbursement time and drive up your revenues and our team is ready to help. (more…)

Medical Billing Service for Dermatology Practices

Medical Billing Services for Dermatology Practices near MN or ILIf you are in the field of dermatology, chances are you got into the medical profession to help your patients.  And, you have likely learned through your experience, that being a health care provider in this day and age is about much more than taking care of your patients.  You are responsible for accurate electronic medical records as well as billing functions, and this has become more and more complicated in our digital age.  What if your practice could outsource your entire medical billing process? Outsource Receivables, Inc. can customize a billing system specifically for your dermatology practice that will improve overall efficiency and improve your bottom line. (more…)

ORI’s MedBizCloud Revenue Cycle Management Workflow Tools

MedBizCloud is ORI’s proprietary suite of RCM tools that enable an efficient roll out, training and integration to get services up to speed. MedBizTools tools are offered as part of a comprehensive package of services when contracting with ORI.

The MedBizCloud suite are built on secure and robust technology platforms that are customized and integrated with every practice to ensure maximum efficiency.

ORI implements MedBizCloud tools on site and provides all training and ongoing support. Each of the tools is web based offering secure access.

Open Practice Solutions is ORI’s chosen Practice Management system platform. Built on an open concept, OpenPM is fully customizable to your practice requirements. ORI provides setup, EDI, interfacing, training and ongoing support at no extra cost to your practice. (more…)