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Medical Billing Blogs

Your Revenue Cycle and the Evolving Healthcare Market

Optimizing your revenue cycle takes more than ensuring billing is done in a timely way and claims are monitored and worked regularly—it also requires expert management to confirm you’re getting the most out of your current billing process. Healthcare market factors are constantly evolving. Change is the billing process can make it challenging to keep up and optimize billing to your advantage. Luckily, there are experts who can help when searching for market and industry updates.

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Billing Reports and Key Metrics to Monitor Monthly

Effectively running a practice takes skill, exceptional patient care, timely/accurate billing and flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing healthcare billing landscape. A process that worked a year ago may not be as effective today. Codes change. Medicare requirements change. Software and its capabilities change. If there is one thing consistent about medical billing, it is change.

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CareCloud Case Study Recap: Optimizing the Revenue Cycle

In this CareCloud case study recap, Premier Dermatology, an award-winning dermatology office in Silicon Valley, was struggling with multiple billing issues and needed an optimized solution. Their previous billing system resulted in tens of thousands in collections, difficult to manage co-pays, and a complicated, disconnected system that their administrative staff was not able to fully utilize. By switching to CareCloud, they increased their profitability, eliminated high collections, and improved their first pass resolution rate in a short time frame.

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Best Practices for Medical Billing Productivity

Medical billing does not solely rely on correct coding and up-to-date regulations to be successful; for a productive billing process, it requires the right information to be collected when the patient makes an appointment, routine follow-up, and much more. Here are some ways to improve a medical practice’s billing management:
•   Start off right. Have a script or checklist available for the front staff desk to gather all the necessary insurance information.

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Getting Your Office Ready for the Busy Season

As we reach the end of the year, medical practices will often see an increase in appointments as elective surgeries come up, deductibles are met, and the cold/flu season begins. Is your office prepared?
Evaluate your current staff schedule and how your office handled last year’s busy season. Did the schedule optimize your staff’s time and ability to take on patients? Did one team struggle the most? Logically decide what area needs more support for the upcoming season and whether a full- or part-time help will be necessary to keep the practice running smoothly and on-budget.

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