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The Benefits of an Outsourced Billing Team: Hiring Outsource Receivables Inc.

In the complex and demanding healthcare industry of today, the last thing clinics should have to worry about is a loss of revenue due to inconsistent billing. When their staff isn’t equipped or up to the task of keeping informed on medical billing needs, then they should turn to the ease of outsourcing.

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How COVID-19 Will Continue to Shape Clinics in 2021

If there’s one thing that will most likely continue after COVID-19 becomes more controlled through a widely distributed vaccine, it’s providers taking advantage of virtual visits—especially for rural areas or for routine check-ins. To save staff time an for patient convenience, these tele-health appointments will allow clinics to better serve their patients from anywhere.

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The New CPT Code All Billers Should Know: 99072

As with the majority of healthcare updates in the industry this year, the AMA released a new CPT code that aims to relieve some of effects of COVID-19 on providers. As a result of the pandemic, PPE and staff have been in high demand across all types of medical care, so this code was created to offset the long-term needs for extra precautions such as the increased cleaning and equipment. Effective September 8, 2020, the 99072 code can be applied to non-facility settings for expenses related to supplies, equipment, and staff time performed during the COVID-19 pandemic, officially categorized as a public health emergency as defined by law.

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