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Medical Billing Blogs

How to Sustain Your School’s IEP and Medicaid Billing During the 2020-2021 School Year

This year has been an especially difficult one for school districts as they have had to restructure many of their normal procedures, which includes IEP and Medicaid billing. Since the majority of schools went virtual towards the end of the school year, the district might be more equipped for the fall opening, or they might still be struggling to find a streamlined billing cycle. Either way, in this time of rapid healthcare changes, many of those issues begin with incorrect reporting and gaps in school software.

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EMS Billing and Inaccurate Reports: How Outsourcing Can Help

One of the most important aspects to successful ambulance billing: accurate and detailed identification and notes. Whether a ride is deemed emergency, non-emergency, or canceled, that documentation ensures the ambulance crew gets properly reimbursed for their services. However, there are often times when a patient is unresponsive or unable to remember their information, which can create issues in the Patient Care Report (PCR) that begins the billing process.

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The Benefits of Efficient Reporting and Revenue Software in a Clinic

Successful medical billing is all about the balance between accurate reporting, up-to-date training, and efficient technology. Without those key elements, a clinic may begin to see a decrease in full reimbursements and disruptions to their revenue cycle. To solve these issues, clinics should take a look at their current system; how can technology upgrades improve their day-to-day and long-term tasks? Here are a few benefits to consider:

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Preparing Your Clinic for the Busy Season During COVID-19

As the healthcare industry continues to weather the COVID-19 pandemic, providers across the country will have to also deal with the beginning of fall and winter: aka, busy season. More common illnesses like the cold and flu will start to spread, which will most likely increase the need for testing and worsen the load of a clinic that’s performing those tests. Whether or not your clinic does those tests, it could still put a damper on your day-to-day scheduling and billing as contagious diseases potentially comes in and out of your office.

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