Medical Billing Service Company IL

Chicago, IL Medical Billing Service CompanyIs the medical billing process in your practice time consuming, cumbersome and even inefficient? For medical practices all over Illinois, outsourcing medical billing is proving to be a smart move to increase profitability, boost efficiency, and reduce the administrative labor required from their own team.  Outsource Receivables, Inc. specializes in taking all of the difficulty out of the billing process for your medical practice.  We handle all aspects of the billing process from start to finish. If needed, we will customize a billing system that works for your practice.  Outsourcing your medical billing allows you to spend more time with your patients in your clinics, (more…)

Chicago Area Medical Billing

Chicago Area Medical BillingSince 1998, Outsource Receivables, Inc., & Health PCP has been teaming up with Chicago area leaders in the medical administration field, helping them to improve their medical billing processes and increase revenue for their practice. Medical billing is a crucial component for any medical practice, and at ORI & Health PCP, we have the experience, knowledge and determination to cover all aspects of your Chicago practice medical billing needs . If you are looking for a reliable, forward thinking company that can help your practice improve your medical billing processes, contact us today. (more…)

Urgent Care Medical Billing Services

Urgent Care Medical Billing ServicesMedical billing services for any urgent care is a lot like trying to predict what type of patients are going to walk thru your door. The truth is, urgent care medical billing is incredibly unpredictable, always evolving especially when new medical issues, some doctors have never treated appear leaving even the most experienced medical billing professionals stumped and looking for answers. This is why it is especially crucial to have a team of medical billing experts on your side. At Outsource Receivables, Inc., & Health PCP, we are here to help you with all of your urgent care medical billing service needs. (more…)

Improve Billing Efficiency

Improve Billing Efficiency by Outsourcing Medical Billing ServicesHow exactly do you improve billing efficiency? Outsource it! If you are a doctor, nurse, or other health care provider, you likely entered the profession so that you could help your patients improve their health, feel better, and achieve their overall health goals.  Yet, due to many factors, it may seem that your time spent with each patient has decreased as the level of administrative tasks, including billing, takes more of your time. You went to medical school to be trained in how to treat patients who may present with a wide variety of physical symptoms. (more…)

Why Outsource Your Medical Billing?

Why Outsource Your Medical Billing?The primary benefit of outsourcing medical billing is that it allows you and other providers in your medical practice to focus on what you have been trained to do — treat your patients.  Healthcare providers constantly complain that their overall time with patients has decreased over the last decade, as more personnel time is focused on electronic health records and billing.  And, even if your practice is set up so that you have an administrator doing most of the billing work, you are likely still to have to supervise that person and troubleshoot when problems arise. (more…)

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