Outsourcing Medical Billing for General Practitioners

Outsourcing Medical Billing for General PractitionersAs a general medical practitioner, you’ve got a lot on your plate every single day. Your patients rely on you for medical advice. As a general practitioner, you’ve got to have expertise on a wide variety of topics since you have patients of both sex and any age. Additionally, your office support staff counts on you for a consistent paycheck. On top of that, you’ve been handling the medical billing process internally, which has been very time consuming. Quite frankly, you need a break and could use some help. For a variety of reasons, medical billing is one area where it may be beneficial for you to outsource (more…)

Free Medical Billing Assessment

Free Medical Billing AssessmentHave you ever thought about outsourcing your medical billing, but you were just too nervous to put all of your eggs in one basket? Trusting an outside billing company with your medical practice can be intimidating and can make you feel a bit unsure. Outsource Receivables, Inc. is a group of medical billing experts that will put your mind at ease by providing quality medical billing services for practices looking to improve their system and become more profitable. (more…)

Medical Clinic Billing Solutions Provider

Medical Clinic Billing Solutions ProviderPartnering with a medical billing services company can take your medical clinic to the next level of success. Outsource Receivables, Inc. (ORI) provides innovative software solutions for convenient electronic medical records keeping, billing, coding, payer management, receivables and more. The ORI system is absolutely one of the most efficient and easy to use medical billing solutions for all types of medical practices. Partnering clinics can choose to integrate ORI revenue cycle management expertise using an existing medical records and practice management system or utilize our state-of-the-art system at no extra charge. (more…)

Medical Billing Company That Will Use My Existing Software

Medical Billing Company That Will Use My Existing SoftwareOutsource Receivables, Inc. (ORI) provides medical practices with top of the line technology and management solutions that integrates into an existing system. (more…)

US Based Medical Billing Services

US Based Medical Billing Services & OutsourcingIf your private medical practice strives to be patient focused and too much of your valuable time is being wasted on medical billing and claims processing, Outsource Receivables, Inc. is the solution. Our US based medical billing services and experts are focused on providing accurate medical billing solutions that can allow you to focus on what is most important, your patients. Many clinics that have invested in Outsource Receivables Services, Inc. medical coding and billing systems have reported an increase in revenue due to a reduced number of coding errors, less time devoted to paperwork and a faster claim reimbursement process. (more…)

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