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Our Top FAQs at ORI

As the healthcare and medical billing industry continues to evolve, many practices have started to explore options for outsourcing their billing to achieve a better revenue cycle and workflow. We’re proud to provide services throughout the country with offices in Minneapolis, Chicago and Boston. ORI offers medical practices a more efficient and accurate way to complete their billing. Here are some frequently asked topics that we discuss with potential clients:

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SimpleNote: Tracking for School-Based Medical Billing

When IEP providers, such as special education teachers, are tracking for medical billing, they want their notes to be consistent and accurate. Setting that standard right away makes sure the district gets reimbursed on time, so they won’t be losing money based on an inefficient system.

New students who will be utilizing IEP services need to have their eligibility approved. Additionally, all the processes should follow the necessary laws and regulations of the state. Some important ones to note are the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which outlines how state and public agencies provide special education and related services to youth with disabilities; the FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act), which outlines policies on all educational agencies that receive funding under their programs; and the HIPAA (Health Information and Portability and Accountability Act of 1996), which outlines how health care providers disclose information about students to school health care providers for treatment.

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COVID-19 and ORI’s Medical Billing Services

Outsource Receivables Inc is committed to continuing our medical billing services throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Our technology is fully cloud-based allowing great flexibility for our services and staffing. Moreover, outsourcing your medical billing office allows clinics a great degree of flexibility when projecting inconsistent business and staffing during this unprecedented time. And as always, ORI only gets paid on revenue generated.

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Medicare for Telehealth Under COVID-19 Pandemic

Dramatic policy changes have infused regulatory flexibilities for the COVID-19 Pandemic. Granted under the President’s emergency declaration, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has broadened access to Medicare telehealth services so that beneficiaries can receive a wider range of services from their doctors without having to travel to a healthcare facility. The following summary is from the CMS announcement: https://www.cms.gov/newsroom/fact-sheets/medicare-telemedicine-health-care-provider-fact-sheet

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The Complexities of Ambulance Billing

As with all medical billing, changes in the industry and medical regulations can disrupt the process, which can cause delays in payments. This can be especially evident in ambulance billing. Coding and billing is completed based on the Patient Care Report filled out by ambulance staff and the run sheets used for other records. Due to this fact, records should always be accurate and organized—disorganized tracking could cause the revenue cycle to stall or even halt. Plus, all compliance and ambulance rules and regulations from CMS need to be monitored regularly to incorporate necessary reforms and updates to the billing system.

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