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Medical Billing Blogs

The Surprise Billing Law Legislation and Its Current Status

In emergency and non-emergency situations where patients seek care from an out-of-network provider (whether intentionally or not), the proposed bill would place a benchmark on the payment amount. While billing problems are often the responsibility of the patient to sort out between the insurer and provider after receiving their bill, this legislation would require the consumers to be taken out of the middle. Medical practices involved would now deal directly with the insurer if an issue during an out-of-network payment arose.

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What Medical Practices Should Know For Tax Season

It’s time again to start thinking about the upcoming tax season. What do medical practices need to remember during this time? We’ve put together some important tips to help. First, have an accountant lined up who knows the ever-changing tax landscape and what a medical practice needs to handle each time tax season comes around. If you don’t have a trusted bookkeeper and accountant, see out a referral from someone you trust.

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We Are Industry Leaders of School-Based Medicaid Claiming and Billing

Our comprehensive approach to school-based Medicaid Claiming integrates Financial and Special Education personnel to thoroughly compile every aspect of required state and local reporting to maximize reimbursement. Our benefits of service include a comprehensive approach from service provision, to claiming, to quarterly and annual reporting. We can provide efficient software that saves providers time, enhances program reporting, and ultimately realizes district revenue maximization.

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