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Medical Billing Blogs

Video 0165: Staying Ahead of Ever-Changing Technology in Medical Billing

Outsource Receivables Video Blog SeriesChanging technology is difficult for most businesses, but this is especially true in the medical billing world. It’s difficult for in-house business offices to stay current with the ever-changing technology in medical billing. Our case study today shows how ORI helped a client move from a legacy medical billing system to a new one that set them on a path to their goals.

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Video 0164: You Bring the Passion, We’ll Bring the Expertise

Outsource Receivables Video Blog SeriesStarting a new practice is an exciting experience. However, even with all the passion and knowledge in the world, it’s hard to create a successful practice if you have little to no experience in medical billing. The client showcased in today’s ORI Minute had all kinds of passion for his medical practice, but no experience in medical billing. Dan and Joe detail how the ORI team helped to implement processes and software to get this clinic on the right track and on the road to growth.

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Video 0162: Learn How to Reduce Costs and See Better Results

Outsource Receivables Video Blog SeriesSolving the issue of how to recover a larger percentage of your outstanding A/R can be a difficult one to tackle. In today’s ORI Minute, we showcase how, through our proven process, one of our clients saved money by moving to an outsource medical billing model and was able to collect a significantly higher percentage of their total outstanding receivables. Learn more as Dan and Joe discuss this case in today’s ORI Minute.

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Local Medical Billing Company Tour in Minneapolis

 Local Medical Billing Company Tour in MinneapolisDo you find that your office is spending significant time each day tracking down payments for the services that you provide? If so, we feel your pain! At Outsource Receivables, we’ve been providing our medical billing services to practices across the country for decades. We understand the complexity behind medical billing and how important an iron-clad process is to ensure payments are processed and handled efficiently and correctly. Too often medical offices are so caught up in the tasks required to merely meet the needs of their patients that they let important items like medical billing fall by the wayside.

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Streamline Your Medical Billing Office Cashflow in 2019

Streamline Your Medical Billing Office Cashflow in 2019One of the hardest aspects of running a medical office is ensuring that patient claims are handled and paid in a timely manner. On the surface this sounds fairly easy, but in reality when you’re dealing with self-payers, insurance companies and multiple types of providers, keeping track of everything that it takes to run a smooth medical office can be quite daunting. Thankfully there are options including outsourcing your medical billing to an experienced team like Outsource Receivables.

We’ve taken the entire medical billing process and systemized it in such a way that our clients can boost cash flow and rest easy at night

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