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Medical Billing Blogs

CareCloud for Small Practices

Small practices and their employees wear many hats. There’s revenue to manage, medical billing, patient engagement to stay on top of, health records to update, and so much more. Even if patients enjoy the personable feel of a smaller practice, they may choose to leave due to issues that may occur like disorganization, a lack of patient focus, or inefficient billing practices. No one likes getting a bill six months after a procedure! Thus, with limited resources, it can be difficult for a small medical practice to keep up with paperwork, communication, revenue, and all the other daily tasks when they need to focus on the most important part—the patients. Important tasks like timely billing could fall by the wayside thus making it hard for the practice to pay bills on time.
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Award-Winning Software: What Makes CareCloud Stand Out?

When choosing the right medical management system, it is important to do research first to gather objective information on the platform. One way to do this: look up testimonials, reviews, and awards. As a multi-award-winning, cloud-based platform, CareCloud has received many different endorsements from prestigious and well-known companies. Those awards include: Black Book, 2017 & 2019. Black Book independently surveys their vendors through an unbiased rating system. That system ranks companies and firms through 18 key indicators focusing on operational excellence, software, systems, products, equipment, and outsourced service lines. More about their excellent qualifications can be found here.
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Support Your Clinic’s Marketing

Consumers are shopping for healthcare just like they do other large purchases. This has been a trend for some time now since high insurance deductibles have caused the percentage of out-of-pocket expenses to rise. With this trend, it’s more important than ever for clinics to not only provide efficient and convenient services, but to also market their brand just as other service-based businesses do. Reputation, brand recognition, online reviews, and overall customer experience are now all driving factors in the success of a medical practice.
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Consumerism and Shopping for Healthcare

Consumers are increasingly shopping to find not only the best healthcare, but also the best price for the services they need. A variety of factors influence the price associated with healthcare. Clinic overhead, target market, location, and insurance all affect pricing. Savvy consumers know this and are willing to take time to shop for convenience and price to find the best deal for the services they need. The also insist on receiving the best care.
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