Efficiency and Your Front Desk

FrontDesk_EfficiencyWe all know the first impression is a lasting one. Your clinic’s first impression starts at your front desk. From the first phone call to the office, your front desk is sending a message about how well your clinic will take care of all the important details. An efficient and friendly front desk is part of your patient’s overall experience with your clinic. This important role also directly affects how timely you get paid for services. The front desk sets in motion all the details the billing department will need to submit claims for insurance payments.

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How to Use a Billing Company to Fix Your Broken Practice Management System

How to Use a Billing Company to Fix Your Broken Practice Management SystemManaging a medical practice can be incredibly complex. From scheduling appointments, to dealing with staff schedules; running a practice can quickly become overwhelming. Thankfully there are several practice management systems that can help ease some of the pain felt in a clinic’s back office. Due to our vast experience in the medical billing arena, Outsource Receivables can help you revamp your systems to ensure your practice is running as efficiently as possible.

The Problem May Not Be Your Practice Management System, But in How it’s Being Utilized

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Asking Clients To Pay Is Easier Than You’d Think

Asking Clients To Pay Is Easier Than You’d Think | Medical Clinic Billing Solutions ProviderTips on How and When to Ask for Payment

As a medical practice, we would guess that one of your biggest challenges has to do with collecting payments from your patients. Collections typically is one of the last things that you want to deal with, but the reality is that without healthy financials, your entire practice could go under. At Outsource Receivables, we’ve been working with medical practices since 1998 to streamline their medical billing processes to boost profitability for our clients.

Boosting profitability for your medical practice revolves around efficient medical billing and collection processes. With it becoming more difficult to collect from both patients and insurance companies, it’s critical that you do all you can to improve your collections rates for your medical practice.

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Medical Coding Errors: What They Cost A Private Practice

Medical Coding Errors: What They Cost A Private PracticeAs a medical practice owner, have you ever had the feeling the practice was running along smoothly only to then be bogged down with several medical coding errors all in a row? Did the errors result in you not being properly reimbursed for services? While one or two medical coding problems may be trivial and easy to solve, continued coding errors often result in loss of income for practices. Thankfully, the medical coding experts at Outsource Receivables can help minimize these errors and in turn boost the profitability of your practice.

Medical coding errors can be extremely costly not only in terms of lost revenue, but also in terms of frustration felt by patients. According to the Institute of Medicine, medical billing errors cost practices between $17 – $29 billion each year. These are staggering numbers that emphasize the enormity of medical coding errors…

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Outsource Billing For Medical Practices

Outsource Billing For Medical Practices | Medical Billing CompanyAre you having trouble keeping up with your billing processes internally? Maybe you have recently experienced a lot of growth and the amount of time you have to deal with the billing aspect of your medical office has significantly reduced. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you partner with medical billing professionals that can handle your billing processes with ease. That’s where our team at Outsource Receivables, Inc., comes into play. Plenty of medical offices put their trust in our billing staff to handle a wide variety of billing practices that are necessary to run a financially successful medical office. If you’ve recently experienced significant growth with your medical office and you are ready to partner with Outsource Receivables, Inc., for your billing needs, there’s no better time than now! To learn more about how our medical billing experts can help you financially…

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Outsourcing Healthcare Billing

Outsourcing Healthcare BillingOutsourcing healthcare billing within a medical practice is becoming more popular. In turn, there are more healthcare billing companies to choose from for your outsourcing needs. Deciding on the right company to outsource your healthcare billing with should not be a quick decision. You should be looking at the total package of what is offered, not just the price tag. When it comes to getting the best bang for your buck, there is no better company to partner with than Outsource Receivables, Inc., to handle the outsourcing of your healthcare billing processes. The purpose of outsourcing your healthcare billing processes is to free up time and energy which can then be used in other more effective areas around the practice. If you’re not careful when choosing an outsourcing healthcare billing company, you may end up just causing yourself more of a headache. At Outsource Receivables, Inc., we’ve been in this industry since 1998. Over these decades…

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