MACRA? MIPS? QPP? APM? – Breaking Down What It All Means

The medical world is full of acronyms that all make perfect sense to those in the business. The world of medical billing is constantly being introduced to a whole new set of important and changing phrases that affect a physician’s ability to participate in Medicare reimbursements.

Some of these terms have been in use for a couple of years and other are new. We break it all down below. We hope you find information that will help your office gain the best benefit possible regarding Medicare reimbursements.

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Streamline Your Medical Billing Office Cashflow in 2019

Streamline Your Medical Billing Office Cashflow in 2019One of the hardest aspects of running a medical office is ensuring that patient claims are handled and paid in a timely manner. On the surface this sounds fairly easy, but in reality when you’re dealing with self-payers, insurance companies and multiple types of providers, keeping track of everything that it takes to run a smooth medical office can be quite daunting. Thankfully there are options including outsourcing your medical billing to an experienced team like Outsource Receivables.

We’ve taken the entire medical billing process and systemized it in such a way that our clients can boost cash flow and rest easy at night

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Billing Specialists for Medical Billing

Billing Specialists for Medical BillingHave the processes that you have in place when it comes to your medical billing been stressing you out? For many medical clinics, the internal medical billing practices in place are time consuming, not efficient and full of errors. In turn, this can have a negative financial impact on your medical clinic. So, rather than continuing with this mediocrity, it is time to partner with our team at Outsource Receivables, Inc., and tap into our team of medical billing specialists.

Dating back to 1998, our billing specialists have been providing a wide range of assistance to clinic administrators nationwide. With our advanced billing technology, we help provide our clients with immediate positive outcomes financially…

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