10 Ways to Make My Medical Office More Profitable in 2019

10 Ways to Make My Medical Office More Profitable in 2019As 2018 comes to an end, it’s a good time to start focusing on your medical office’s goals for 2019. At Outsource Receivables (ORI), one of the most common goals we hear our clients mention is profitability. Every medical office wants to be more profitable, but it can often be difficult to turn that desire into action. Read on to learn a few tips that we’ve encountered while working with a large number of medical offices over the past several years. If you have any questions, or you’re interested in discussing having our team visit your practice for a free no obligation medical billing assessment, just give us a call at 866-585-2800.

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There Are No Guarantees in Life – Or Are There? Why ORI Can Guarantee Results

There Are No Guarantees in Life – Or Are There? Why ORI Can Guarantee ResultsMedical Billing Results Guaranteed – When you hire a medical billing company to help you reduce your outstanding receivables, you may be skeptical about whether or not you will actually save money. With many companies promising you all sorts of things, it can be difficult to know who to trust. Thankfully our team at Outsource Receivables has decades of experience and is able to offer an iron-clad guarantee that you’ll receive results that will make your investment in a medical billing company worth it. Example – Outsource Receivables will save you 15% overall compared to handling your billing in-house.

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Asking Clients To Pay Is Easier Than You’d Think

Asking Clients To Pay Is Easier Than You’d Think | Medical Clinic Billing Solutions ProviderTips on How and When to Ask for Payment

As a medical practice, we would guess that one of your biggest challenges has to do with collecting payments from your patients. Collections typically is one of the last things that you want to deal with, but the reality is that without healthy financials, your entire practice could go under. At Outsource Receivables, we’ve been working with medical practices since 1998 to streamline their medical billing processes to boost profitability for our clients.

Boosting profitability for your medical practice revolves around efficient medical billing and collection processes. With it becoming more difficult to collect from both patients and insurance companies, it’s critical that you do all you can to improve your collections rates for your medical practice.

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Getting Ready For Tax Season: What A Medical Practice Needs To Know

Tax Tips for Medical Practice Owners & ManagersWhile it feels like the year has just begun, we’re already into the 4th quarter which means it’s time to start thinking about taxes. No business owner wants to think about dealing with the IRS, but unfortunately it’s inevitable and something that as a medical practice you have to deal with or else risk getting into serious trouble. While our team at Outsource Receivables can help you to get a better handle on your profitability, we thought it would be a good idea to put together a few tax tips as we get closer to the end of the year.

In this article are steps you can take now to ensure that come April 15th, your life doesn’t unravel because you weren’t properly prepared to file your taxes. Keep in mind that all of these tax tips should be run by your accountant to ensure that they apply in your local area.

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Best Outsource Billing Company For The Healthcare Industry

Best Outsource Billing Company For The Healthcare Industry | ORI Money Back GuaranteeThere are plenty of billing companies around that offer billing services for the healthcare industry. Just like any type of industry, there are some billing companies that are better than others. The last thing that you want to do as a medical office is outsource your billing processes to a company that can’t provide you the necessary services needed to continue running a financially sound medical office. Choosing the best billing company for your healthcare office should be a top priority. If you’re ready to partner with the best billing company for the healthcare industry, then look no further than our billing professionals at Outsource Receivables, Inc.

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Benefits Of Using A Medical Billing Company For My Practice

Benefits Of Using A Medical Billing Company For My PracticeDo you spend more time than you would like on billing issues, rather than taking care of your patients? Does your practice struggle to retain strong administrative staff? If billing issues seem to be a constant source of stress for your practice and drain more time than they should, it might be time to consider outsourcing your medical billing. Outsource Receivables Inc. is a local medical billing company that specializes in improving and managing your billing system so that you do not have to. We offer a flexible business model and advanced billing technology that can meet your clinic’s unique needs. Some of the many benefits of using a medical billing company rather than your own staff for these tasks include…

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