Investing in the right software can do wonders for your administrative and financial systems. When looking at an EMR or EHR system, a cloud-based one has many advantages for a medical office. One of the biggest: the practice’s data is stored on external servers and can be accessed via the web. Typically, this type of software also supports a local back-up option in case the practice wants that too. It never hurts to be prepared if you do choose to purchase a server, but cloud-based systems are reliable and have many benefits.

Switching over is easier.

A system that requires an in-house server will require a lot of extra installation of software and additional hardware. When you use a cloud-based system, everything runs through the web, nurse using medical office softwareso you can easily transfer over files. If you are going from a mainly hard copy-based system, then it will require a lengthy transition as you scan paper documents to go into the system, but that would be required whether you choose a cloud- or local server-based software.

It offers extra security.

Since records are kept in a web server, they are backed up in the event of a disaster at the office. If fire, flooding, or storm damage occurs, then that could eradicate a server installed in the building. Instead, a cloud-based software will not be affected due to the external secure server.

There are a variety of options.

Accelerated by the need for digital tools after COVID-19, the healthcare industry has moved towards investing in better online tools. There is a wide variety of cloud-based EMR/EHR software to choose from, so you can find the one that fits your needs and office size. Even small clinics can find one that can be a good balance between features and accessibility.

It helps you save money.

When you switch to a digital system, offices save a lot per year without those paper and ink costs. Additionally, by choosing a cloud-based system, a clinic can avoid purchasing a server, which typically costs tens of thousands on its own. Add on installation and maintenance costs if the practice does not have an IT department, and the overall price continues to increase. A cloud-based system will typically have a subscription fee, usually between monthly and yearly, and a dedicated support team you can contact if any issues arise.

Whether you have a software picked out or need some help finding one, the experts at Outsource Receivables Inc. can help transition your clinic to a more efficient administrative and billing process.

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