While our focus is on expert, outsourced medical billing, we do much more to help support our clients than just the mechanics of submitting accurate billing. We so confident in our ability to help clinics recover more of their billing we offer a guarantee. The ORI Guarantee includes the following promises:

ORI will save you 15% on your billing office costs. For many clinics outsourcing will save money compared to keeping it in-house. Our technology and expertise will streamline and optimize the entire medical billing process.

ORI will maintain your over 90 days aging at no more than 10% of your overall billing. Accounts receivables over 90-days is a common problem for clinics, but we will work to solve that issue.

All charges and payments will be processed and placed in the system for payment within 48 hours of receipt from your office. Busy clinics can often fall behind on their billing or fail to process it in a timely manner. Our team helps you stay on track.

Any denials or insurance rejections will be worked within 48 hours of receipt on average. Following up on denials or rejected claims takes time and expertise. With experts on your side, it will be much easier to solve these issues.

ORI’s technology is kept at a state-of-the-art level. It’s become increasingly necessary for clinics to stay relevant through digital systems. From the first patient experience to up-to-date technology to submit claims, our process is one of the best reasons to partner with ORI.

95% of patient calls will be answered and any messages will be returned within 2 hours. Communication is one of the keys to a successful clinic, so we help our clients keep up with their calls.

Our medical billing experts will represent your clinic professionally while continually maintaining the goal of motivating your patients to make your bill a priority. With many patients switching plans due to lost or changing jobs, insurance can get complicated very quickly. We make it a priority to help solve these issues for you professionally and quickly.

We will answer your questions, resolve any issues you may have and complete any rebills we receive, either by telephone or email, within 48 hours. We are skilled in supporting our clients and handling issues when they arise.

Your crucial business reports will be provided to you within 3 days of the final close date of the month. With ORI on your team, it’s easier than ever to keep up with your overall revenue and how the billing has been going. We are also happy to customize reports so it’s easy to see your most critical data points easily.

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