In the modern healthcare industry, specialized digital tools are becoming the norm, which means an outdated legacy system could be holding your clinic back. When shopping for a new system, focus on these key features:

  • Appointment scheduling tools
  • Patient data management
  • Patient charting
  • Functional interface
  • Calendars for time management
  • Claim tracking

Additionally, a cloud-based system will also allow you to access it from anywhere, and your data can be reliably stored online. Then your clinic can avoid buying an expensive server and medical front desk serving patientinstead pay a yearly or monthly subscription package. Some other key benefits to investing in an updated EHR system include:


Whether or not you’ve switched completely over to an EHR system, you most likely use computers for some aspects of clinic procedure. Due to the information that healthcare providers require, clinics have become a big target for hackers looking to get private and financial information. Holding patient information in a software specially designed with healthcare in mind means there’s typically a focus on security and following HIPAA guidelines.


While staff may be used to your current system, a modern one is designed to handle more tasks to streamline the overall processes. It will take more training and patience but be a solid investment in your clinic long term. Additionally, if you include a patient portal, it should be easy to use for your patients as well.


A cloud-based system especially will be easy to access from wherever you have an internet connection. With hybrid work and telehealth becoming more popular, this can be a huge benefit. Additionally, EHR systems are specially designed to organize patient data in a way that’s easy to navigate. No need to sift through hard copies or use a less reliable search feature on an old software.

Overall, the long-term costs of transitioning will also help your clinic’s revenue. Tasks will be streamlined so your entire process can be more efficient, which means you can get patients settled quickly and get claims out in a timely manner. If you are interested in exploring the benefits of upgrading, give us a call to ask your questions. Outsource Receivables Inc. serves specialty clinics across the nation and has offices in Minneapolis, Chicago, and Boston.

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