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Techonology Focused Outsource Medical Billing Company

Medical Billing Technology

Outsource Receivables Inc. is a premier outsource medical billing agency with state-of-the-art technology to enhance the efficiency of your billing office.

Techonology Focused Outsource Medical Billing CompanySome of the most important technology at ORI includes:

  • No need to switch to a new system. We can work with your current system.
  • In-the-cloud computing for virtually everything we do. We live and work in a paperless environment allowing us to efficiently complete the medical billing process for you.
  • Our experts understand what is required from a premium clearing house and work rapidly to set up the system to the claims are paid at first submission. We’re able to pull special reports and access analytics to find the answers and reports so we can make the necessary edits to improve reimbursement.
  • Our paperless environment focuses us on electronic files and not paper which saves everyone time.
  • We receive ERAs to help us post payments and zero pays quickly and efficient to facilitate to the reimbursement process.
  • Patient statements are sent to the clearing house electronically.
  • Our technology allows us to do cycle billing that helps us bill the patient portion faster which means improved cash flow.
  • Our proprietary workflow feeder system keeps our reimbursement experts on track with timely follow up on rejects, denials, zero pays, and past due patient responsibility.
  • Our telephone system has intelligence built-in, so we can seamlessly act as your medical billing office. We know when your patients are calling so we can professionally answer every phone call.
  • Outgoing calls are automated to ensure accuracy and efficiency.
  • We use iStream, an electronic depository system, to speed up the deposit process helping you receive your money sooner. We process credit cards immediately to ensure payment is approved.
  • You will receive a customized practice dashboard so you can monitor your business daily performance.

ORI can work with your existing electronic medical records and practice management systems or provide a user friendly and robust system for your office at no charge to your clinic. ORI has extensive experience with the following billing systems:

  • Open Practice Solutions
  • NextGen
  • Greenway
  • eClinicalWorks
  • GE Centricity
  • Allscripts

In addition, ORI can build HL7 interfaces that bring the best of both worlds with your chosen Electronic Medical Records system and our web based Open Practice Solutions practice management system.

ORI’s technology can yield a multitude of benefits for your medical office.

To learn more on how to make your office more profitable, contact one of our representatives today.

Outsource Receivables Inc. provides medical billing expertise to surgical, family practice, specialty clinics, therapy offices, and mental health clinics throughout the United States. With offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Chicago, Illinois; we have a special focus on clinics in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Madison, Milwaukee, Des Moines, Sioux Falls and Fargo. we have a special focus on clinics in the Upper Midwest which includes Minneapolis, St. Paul, Greater Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota.

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