so many industry changes on the horizon its time to get a clear picture of the health of your practice. Outsource Receivables’ Stress Test is the second opinion you need. What you will receive is a customized performance improvement assessment for your clinic and an initial evaluation of existing revenue cycle management operations, current performance benchmarking, and identification of opportunities for financial and overall practice readiness. Our knowledgeable professionals conduct the evaluation with minimal impact to your organization through a three step process that includes: survey assessment, data gathering and analysis, an on-site presentation of the findings.

Test Survey Assessment

Data gathering begins with a short survey that provides an overview of your practice. This includes: Contracting and Credentialing; Coding and Auditing; Operational Policies and Procedures; Information Technology System Infrastructure; and Revenue Cycle Performance.

Data Gathering and Analysis

Data gathering begins with a tailored request for information related to your revenue cycle environment. This includes key financial, operational, and organizational data as well as information on existing revenue cycle management tools and reports. We identify specific performance issues and quantifiable areas of opportunity, both of which guide the development of the schedule and agenda for the on-site review.

On-site Review

The on-site review is scheduled in advance with designated people from your organization. We focus on the following specific activities:

  • Assessment of the efficiency and performance of key revenue cycle functions including scheduling, pre-registration, registration, insurance verification, financial counseling, case management, medical records, billing and follow-up.
  • Assessment of the frequency of patient co-payment collections, as well as financial counseling.
  • Identification of revenue cycle workflow and account bottlenecks from the point of referral through the delivery of care to the point of account resolution.
  • Identification of existing processes and tools used to routinely monitor the performance of revenue cycle functions
  • Analysis of the organizational structure and any performance goals related to key functions within the revenue cycle.
  • Review and evaluation of current policies, procedures and training resources
  • Assessment of current staffing levels and evaluation of staff capacities and competencies.
  • Evaluation of information systems currently used in the revenue cycle and identification of needed capabilities or opportunities for improvement.

Presentation of Findings

After completing our assessment, we make specific recommendations for improved performance, including changes in processes, policies and procedures, organizational structure, technology and staffing. We also estimate the expected impact of each opportunity, including the potential improvement of your key performance indicators and expected financial outcomes.

Assessment Categories

  • Contracting and Credentialing
  • Coding and Auditing
  • Operational Policies and Procedures
  • Information Technology System Infrastructure
  • Revenue Cycle Performance
  • Reporting Features

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Outsource Receivables Inc. provides revenue cycle management expertise to surgical, family practice, specialty clinics, therapy offices, and mental health clinics throughout the Upper Midwest. Located in Minnesota, we have a special focus on clinics in the areas Minneapolis, St. Paul, Madison, Milwaukee, Des Moines, Sioux Falls and Fargo.