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Welcome to Outsource Receivables!

ORI’s new office in Mounds View Minnesota went “live” in June and since that time we have continued to integrate the open and collaborative concepts our culture is built on. Our mission is to simplify healthcare reimbursement and the new office is one more step in that direction.

What may initially appear like a ‘regular’ office becomes much more when you take a closer look and see our processes in action. First, the entire facility is HIPAA secure for compliance. Only staff are allowed unescorted entry and all data is stored in our protected cloud based systems. Once in the cloud environment, ORI’s proprietary MedBiz Cloud suite of tools is utilized for each step of the revenue cycle management process.

Daily mail correspondence and deposits are processed immediately into client bank accounts and then into our MedBiz Cloud Digital Imaging System. All electronic remittances are processed on the fly with the MedBiz Data Management Hub. Our administrative team manages these systems to tee-up deposits workflows for our posting team. Rejects, denials and payer correspondence are queued for our reimbursement team. Worklists are generated for our certified coding department and calling campaign lists are created for our customer service team. Credit card processing takes place throughout the day with the MedBiz Bill Pay patient and customer service tools. Each area of the business operates on a daily cycle with ORI’s guarantee of completion in 48 hours.

Monthly reports are delivered securely to clients via the Client Transfer Hub. Exception management across the company and our clients is handled by the MedBiz Cloud Ticket Management portal. This system provides a tool for managing issues that fall out of the daily processes.

ORI’s proprietary technology is designed to overcome the challenges of communication and efficiency for revenue cycle management. Having an office environment based on the open concept allows sharing not only across staff and teams, but with clients and vendors. First, status reports on all of the key client metrics are generated prior to ORI’s daily 9:00 AM “huddle”. The huddle is where everything at ORI comes together. All productivity statistics from the previous day are reviewed and the plans for the current day are delivered. Staff have an opportunity for “stuck-on’s” and “shout-outs”. These ensure issues holding up productivity are given air time and are quickly resolved. A “shout-out” from fellow team members for a job well done is always appreciated.

ORI has key technology that integrates the open work environment and continues to complement the collaborative approach. These include versatile cloud based workstations, noise suppression systems, and paired talent groups with seasoned staff and less experienced staff collaborating. Don’t forget the client and staff training and meeting areas paired with the most advanced technology. Each of these assets contributes to the overall production efficiencies, reliability and expertise of ORI.

Outsource Receivables approaches medical billing from an expertise based model to simplify healthcare reimbursement. The expertise model helps overcome the growing challenges of medical billing and our environment allows sharing across these expertise areas. The outcome is an ever increasing ability to create solutions that solve problems on the fly that keep cash flow strong and overhead low.

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