Our comprehensive approach to school-based Medicaid Claiming integrates Financial and Special Education personnel to thoroughly compile every aspect of required state and local reporting to maximize reimbursement. Our benefits of service include a comprehensive approach from service provision, to claiming, to quarterly and annual reporting. We can provide efficient software that saves providers time, enhances program reporting, and ultimately realizes district revenue maximization.
Assistance at All Levels of School-based Medicaid Billing. Our team can assist with all levels of the Medicaid billing process. This begins with interpreting state and local regulations, providing education on therapist requirements, and validation of eligible students and services.
Our services include:
Direct Service Claiming (DSC)
               Provider Eligibility
               Student Eligibility
               Provider Service Documentation
               Quarterly (Interim) Billing
               Direct Service Cost Reporting
Administrative Activity Claiming (AAC)
               Administrative Cost Reporting
               Medicaid Eligibility Enrollment Reports
               Random Moment Time Study (RMTS) Monitoring
               RMTS Quarterly Updates
               Data Analysis
               Security – NEMB is HIPAA and FERPA compliant
Critical Integration
Our systems can easily interface with your current software, or we will help you set up a new system for service notes for your IEPs. This is an essential piece for easing the burden of documenting services provided by your staff.
We integrate our school-based Medicaid billing module with many of the largest Special Education Information management solutions currently used by school districts. This is a critical step that enhances student data management and staff time efficiency.
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