US Based Medical Billing Services ChicagoAs a medical practice looking for expert medical billing assistance, you have a lot of options inside and outside of the United States. Which option is better? Offshore medical billing or US based medical billing? At Outsource Receivables, Inc., we feel that sticking with US based medical billing experts is the most ideal decision for medical practices for a variety of reasons.

Catching Medical Billing Errors

Governmental regulations and Coding rules are always changing in the medical billing field. Medical professionals go to school to specialize in medicine, not billing and compliance. As A US based medical billing company we understand the importance of ensuring that your medical practice is always in compliance. A offshore medical billing company located in a different time zone can add days when handling billing errors. A US based medical billing company can reduce your claim errors quickly!

Patient Identity Theft

Protecting your identity is at an all-time high with recent hacks in personal health and financial information. Working with an offshore medical billing company makes your practice more susceptible to fraud and patient identity theft. Partnering with a US based medical billing company like Outsource Receivables, Inc.,protects and secures  your patients’ information.

US Based Medical Billing Company

Are you a medical provider looking for medical billing assistance? Deciding on an offshore medical billing company or US based medical billing company. This is something you should put a lot of thought and time into. Based in the US, we are always in tune to any rules and regulations that medical practices need to be aware of, and we make sure to stay on top of the complexity around family medicine billing.

Our Team of experts, will reduce claim errors and keep your patients’ personal information protected. To learn more about our medical billing services, give us a call today at (866) 585-2800.

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