When you’ve finally decided that outsourcing is the best option for your clinic, then the next step is trying to find the right company to take it over. Essentially, the transition will be your first interaction with the company, so you want them to be up to the task. While doing your research and contacting the company for more info, ask about the clinics they’ve worked with before, how they keep their staff up to date on billing codes, and if they’ve been adapting to the telehealth needs. Here are a few ways ORI can improve your daily and long-term billing needs:
Customizable Resources
We can help manage your entire billing process or help you out with a few billing projects. If you’re still on the fence about switching to outsourcing, this is a great way to try out the company. Once we’ve partnered with a clinic, they have a company liaison that they communicate with to get the process rolling in a timely and efficient manner. They’re also available when you have additional questions. Communication and reporting tools are key to a successful outsourced billing partnership. Our clients are given effective, customizable reporting tools so you can improve your billing process, which in turn helps your revenue increase. Our billing experts can also work with what your clinic currently has, but we’re well-versed in a variety of software that has helped clinics streamline their system.
Improved Productivity
When staff aren’t up to the task of medical billing, or your billing needs fluctuate enough that a salaried team doesn’t fit your budget, then your clinic’s overall efficiency might be suffering. Instead of spending the time on dealing with medical billing issues, teaming up with our experts will allow your staff to have the proper support to focus on caring for patients. Those easy, customizable resources will also allow them to quickly record information for our experts, and then our expertise driven staff take over from there. We will process the claims on your behalf, ensure that your clinic remains compliant, follows the necessary regulations, and updates your team if there are any necessary recording updates they should know about. With experts on your side, your staff feels supported and less stressed, which reflects in their work.
Overall, improving your process and reducing the risk of rejected claims allows clinics to save money and relieve a bit of stress for the staff so they have a better work experience. A happier team will also reflect in how they interact with patients, so we often see improvement in revenue cycle and patient relations. Contact Outsource Receivables Inc. to start discussing how we can optimize your billing and administrative processes.
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