Switching or updating systems always presents a challenge no matter the industry. When it comes to medical billing, it’s especially important to keep the transition as smooth as possible to avoid a lull in the revenue cycle. Outsource Receivables Inc. makes it easy with our experience partnering with specialty clinics across the nation.

Once you’ve signed with us, we assign a dedicated account manager to your practice. They work as the main liaison between our team and yours. We understand it can be difficult to settle into a new routine of having an in-house biller vs. an outsourced one, which is why we make sure we are accessible throughout the transition and beyond.

In general, we typically ask for 5-6 hours of your time—over the course of 2-3 meetings—to photo of medical billing statement being calculatedlearn about your clinic and systems.

As we begin to take your billing over, we also evaluate your current system to help locate any issues. If your practice has been using a software that isn’t well suited to your needs, we can help recommend a different one. Either way, we do not require our clients to switch their billing system. We have expertise in all major medical billing platforms, so we can just continue to work through the proprietary system you have been using.

Overall, our maximum timeline is 90 days to completely onboard your clinic and integrate our experts in the system. Depending on the practice, it could even be as quick as 30 days.

Our new clients will begin to see positive results in an average of six months after their go live date with ORI. Because of our efficiency, we can even guarantee that clients will save %15 on their billing once they’ve switched to us.

If you still have questions about this process and how it would apply to your clinic if you hired ORI for your billing, give us a call to ask your questions. We serve specialty clinics across the nation and have offices in Minneapolis, Chicago, and Boston.

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