Medical practices should be aware of upcoming legislation in both the House and Senate that could affect their billing process. While the proposed laws have not yet been voted through and signed into law, the surprise billing legislation could be voted on in Congress as early as this month.
In emergency and non-emergency situations where patients seek care from an out-of-network provider (whether intentionally or not), the proposed bill would place a benchmark on the payment amount. While billing problems are often the responsibility of the patient to sort out between the insurer and provider after receiving their bill, this legislation would require the consumers to be taken out of the middle. Medical practices involved would now deal directly with the insurer if an issue during an out-of-network payment arose. However, changes to the bill can still occur during this process, so medical billers should be aware of the full proposals, how it could affect their out-of-network patients, and how it would change the billing/collecting process if it does get signed into law.
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