For Outsource Receivables Incorporated our medical billing team continuously works to develop a partnership approach with each of our clients. This necessitates regular communication and ongoing problem solving. ORI chooses this close nit individualized customer service model because we believe it’s what makes the difference in our service delivery. This approach is modeled after our own internal communication modes which emphasize daily, short, concise communication huddles. The huddles provide the opportunity for sharing around challenges and leveraging our team’s expertise to resolve issues quickly while maximizing timeliness and profitably for our clients.

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One example of a great medical billing partnership that ORI enjoys currently is with a multi-site outpatient clinic. It took time, effort, training and regular communications to build the team to what it is today. Initially, short daily ‘huddles’ were convened to review reports, answer questions, resolve issues and set goals. Conference calls and a schedule on-line trainings was prepared. Overtime the teams transitioned to weekly conference calls or site visits to ensure that the billing services were optimized and reports were meeting the needs of all the stakeholders. This relationship building process required careful listening and thoughtful questions as well as ongoing communications with the clinics other service providers, including accounting, clearing house, practice management and EMR services.

The end goal is to have ORI clients not only satisfied with service delivery and outcomes, but satisfied in an emotional sense with the frequency and quality of interaction they are receiving with ORI as their billing partner. There are many reasons this type of approach is mutually beneficial for both ORI and our clients. It is especially important to building the type of relationships and direct communication necessary to efficiently identify and address the process and patient service challenges while maximizing revenue cycle efficiency.  This communication has become ever more important with the increasing speed of change in the industry and its impact on medical billing.

ORI has increased its investment in the partnership approach with the recent addition of Joe Kubisiak in the leadership role of Director of Operations. Since starting in June, Joe has been working with staff and clients to identify areas for process improvement, increased efficiency and focused communication around revenue cycle management. Having a background in training development, organizational planning, culture and collaborative relationships, he provides a keen awareness of the connection between customers and employees and understands that an efficient working relationship is central to what every manager must think about every day. Ultimately, he will be focused on eliminating barriers to service delivery for staff, patients and clients and building on efficiencies by asking the right questions, taking a problem solving approach, and maximizing each opportunity.

Many companies solicit employee feedback to improve service delivery. At the same time, other companies ask their clients about satisfaction and their perspectives on the services being provided. However, you don’t often hear of organizations bringing these two measures together. As part of Joe’s initial efforts, he will be gathering employee and client feedback to identify and implement focused improvement of service delivery. Because of ORI’s team approach to partnerships, he will be bringing together measures from across clients and staff to share best practices and process improvement strategies.

If you would like to learn more about the team approach to building medical billing partnerships at ORI contact Dan Smits, Outsource Receivables President and founder, at 866-585-2800.

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