In terms of medical billing, front staff are one of the most important aspects to an efficient and timely revenue process. Without that face time with patients to gather important info, billers would not have all of the information necessary to properly reimburse the clinic. Due to this, front staff should be adequately trained on what they need to collect upfront and how to do that.

Ask for updated insurance information.

If a patient’s insurance has changed in any way, the claim you send to them will most likely be denied, which means your billers have to spend more time fixing the problem. It does not matter if they are a returning or new patient—it’s a good habit for staff to always ask this when the patient arrives for their appointment.

Consider a credit card on file option.

Collections become much easier and more efficient when a patient chooses to keep a credit card on file. Then, you can stay on top of both deductibles and co-payments and also offer a flexible payment plan that simply charges their card a certain amount every month. It’s easier for both the patient and your office.

Know when they need to collect.

When a patient who owes money comes in for an appointment, the front staff should be aware of that so they can get their outstanding payment completed. Once a patient leaves the office, they’re less likely to pay their bill in a timely manner. Asking them upfront maintains your bottom line and then your busy patients don’t have to worry about remembering to pay once they’ve left the office.

Offer a variety of payment options.

Along with that credit card on file option, offer patients the option of cash, debit card, or a health savings account. If you’ve invested in a patient portal, you should also advise them to set up an account. Patients are much more likely to pay on time when they receive digital bills; then you avoid the time it takes to send the bill by mail, have the patient receive it, and then mail back a check. Instead, they can get a notification that they have a bill to be paid, which they can then quickly pay online.

If you’re following these steps and still having issues with your billing, then it may be time to evaluate your billing team’s efficiency vs. outsourcing to experts. Outsource Receivables Inc. would be proud to partner with your specialty clinic and help improve your overall bottom line. Contact us to learn more.

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