As with all medical billing, changes in the industry and medical regulations can disrupt the process, which can cause delays in payments. This can be especially evident in ambulance billing. Coding and billing is completed based on the Patient Care Report filled out by ambulance staff and the run sheets used for other records. Due to this fact, records should always be accurate and organized—disorganized tracking could cause the revenue cycle to stall or even halt. Plus, all compliance and ambulance rules and regulations from CMS need to be monitored regularly to incorporate necessary reforms and updates to the billing system.
The largest payer for ambulance services is Medicare and with that, some of the most complex regulations. Without proper education on billing methods, it can be easy to make errors, and Medicare can unfortunately have the harshest penalties for non-compliant billing.
For example, there are many specific modifiers that must be used such as the place of origin, the final destination, codes for parts of the body being treated, etc. Knowing the codes and information needed for each part of the billing process keeps it all running smoothly. A billing expert who has only been trained on clinics might not be informed of all the necessary rules for ambulance billing, so it’s always important to hire those with the necessary experience.
Plus, there’s always the option of having the support of our billing experts. We offer:
–         Completion of claims within 24 hours to make sure your services are sent out on-time.
–         A guarantee that 98% of our claim submissions pass without issue to insurance.
–         Customized reports to keep all necessary parties informed.
–         Ongoing support and advice.
If your ambulance services have been suffering from denied claims or incorrect coding, it might be time to outsource to a team of experts. Outsource Receivables Inc. can efficiently handle your billing needs, increase revenue, and offer support for streamlining your revenue process.
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