Can a different practice management system really make a difference for your medical practice? The simple answer is yes.
In a case study done by CareCloud, Island Endoscopy Center ran into issues with their billing due to an inefficient legacy system and overseas billing partner. Their “billing codes had to be manually transcribed into a separate practice management system” because their EHR did not have the bandwidth to handle the full billing process, and it also lacked performance transparency. After finding a better system software and billing partner that was not overseas, they began to see overall improvements.
In terms of hard facts, they saw a dramatic rise in their success rates. After switching to CareCloud as their main management system, they found their revenue realization rate rise to 99%, their first pass resolution rate rise to 93, and their A/R reduced by 23 days.
Even when set up with a billing management system, medical practices should be aware of how that system works with their needs. Does it truly streamline the process and is it right for their practice size? CareCloud is a scalable system that allows for customization and growth. It can help you grow as it grows with you.
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