As we move into the slower summer months, clinics may see a discrepancy in the volume of bills being sent out versus the cost of in-house billers. Plus, the on-staff billers may have struggled to keep up with all the coding changes that happened this year due to the healthcare industry evolving so rapidly. A solution: outsourcing your billing. Instead of one or two on-staff billers, you’ll get a whole team of billing experts working on your claims; typically, this results in less lost revenue due to late or denied claims.
Some of the benefits to hiring ORI include:
Fees Based on Receipts
Our clients are billed a flat percentage of receipts collected so when you have a lower volume of bills to send out, they only have to pay for the receipts collected instead of a flat rate salary. This is especially important for the summer months, which are often slower for specialty clinics. Once the appointments pick up, many clinics still end up saving money long-term as our experts finish the claims efficiently and swiftly so you get reimbursed quicker.
Expert Results
When clinics hire ORI, they get the benefit of expert billers completing their claims. We stay up to date on industry changes to prevent a high number of denied claims. As a result, we help clinics increase their revenue, streamline the reimbursement process, increase the likelihood of recovering outstanding claims, and ensure your medical office maintains its compliance.
Administrative Aid
One of the most common reasons that claims are denied is due to incorrect demographic information whether that’s insurance or incorrect documentation at the time of the appointment. When you have experts on your side, your administrative team can be properly supported, and your medical clinic can maintain compliance.
If you’re still unsure on whether or not outsourcing would benefit your clinic, get a free medical billing assessment to see how much you could be saving. For additional questions or to start discussing next steps, give Outsource Receivables Inc. a call to see how we can benefit your clinic.
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