In the complex and demanding healthcare industry of today, the last thing clinics should have to worry about is a loss of revenue due to inconsistent billing. When their staff isn’t equipped or up to the task of keeping informed on medical billing needs, then they should turn to the ease of outsourcing. In many cases, switching from in-office billing to outsourced billing saves clinics money because they can hire a team of experts for much less than a salaried person; additionally, they will have less incorrect bills, which lead to revenue delays and potentially lost revenue. Depending on the services offered by the outsourced medical billing company, that can also apply to a variety of medical billing specialties. In Outsource Receivable Inc.’s case, we are equipped to handle a wide variety of specialty clinics, school-based Medicaid, and ambulance billing.
However, some clinics may worry about whether or not the company they partner with is equipped to handle billing from each state, where there may be laws in place that complicate the billing process. Luckily, ORI has office locations in Minneapolis, Chicago, and Boston, to increase our reach, and our experts are prepared to handle national clients. Plus, we have been a premier receivables management resource since 1998, which means we continue to grow and evolve with the industry to ensure our clients receive high-quality services. Some of the services we have more recently introduced: school-based Medicaid and ambulance billing, which we have become industry leaders in since. Our billing experts are proudly up-to-date with healthcare changes, and they communicate with their clients when there’s a large shift that they should be aware of for future coding needs.
Outsource Receivables Inc. would be proud to partner with your specialty clinic and help improve your overall bottom line. We are industry leaders of school-based Medicaid claiming and billing, and we manage over $300 million in billing for our clients every year. Try our ORI calculator to see how much money your clinic could save.
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