If you’re considering all the benefits of outsourcing your medical billing, you want to make sure you’re also choosing the best partner for your clinic’s revenue cycle. We proudly serve medical clinics across the nation to help them become more efficient in many aspects of their day-to-day operations such as admin and billing. Here are some of the many benefits we offer: 

Money Back Guarantee  

Our processes work so well that we can save our client 15% overall by partnering with us over their currently billing office staff. Additionally, there are many other promises we can make: Medical biller at Outsource Receivables Inc working with client

  • ORI will maintain your over 90 days aging at no more than 10% of your overall billing. 
  • All charges and payments will be processed and entered in the system for payment within 48 hours of receipt from your office. 
  • Any denials or insurance rejections will be worked within 48 hours of receipt on average.
  • ORI’s technology will be kept at a state-of-the-art level and current. 
  • 95% of patient calls will be answered and messages will be returned within 2 hours. 
  • Our medical billing experts will represent your clinic professionally while continually maintaining the goal of motivating your patients to make your bill a priority. 
  • We will answer your questions, resolve any issues you may have, and complete any rebills we receive, either by telephone or email, within 48 hours. 
  • Your crucial business reports will be provided to you within 5 days of the close date of the month. 

The Best Technology for Your Clinic 

Improving workflow starts with the right software. The billing process begins when a patient requests an appointment, or the front desk staff schedules it. Technology helps streamline the process and keeps all relevant patient information stored safely for their protection and HIPAA requirements. As long as staff keep the information updated with each appointment, you will know the best way to contact patients for reminders and billing needs. Plus, you want to send the claims to the correct insurance, which can also be stored in the software. ORI can help you find the best technology solutions for your clinic’s needs and size. 

Less Denials  

As a team of expert medical billers, we can guarantee less denials on your claims. We keep up to date on regulations and compliancy standards and help the clinic gather data more efficiency. Then there are less risks to a claim being denied due to an incorrect code or out-of-date insurance information. This all helps your revenue cycle move along and requires less time to go back and fix those issues.  

Customizable Services 

Since we serve a large variety of specialty clinics, we’ve found offering customized resources works best for our clients. When we meet to discuss a potential partnership, we ask about your needs and if you require help with your entire billing process or a few billing projects. Sometimes clinics are not ready to fully switch to outsourcing, but they need the support. We can help increase your cash flow and show you how outsourcing may be the best option for your office. 

Outsource Receivables Inc. will become your trusted medical billing partner. Our services allow our clients to spend less time on complex billing and more time on patient customer service. Then, you can support your revenue cycles on all avenues. Contact our experts to ask all of your pressing questions and get an assessment. 

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