Outsource Receivables Inc. is proud to offer a comprehensive suite of workflow tools that allow our clients to work more efficiently. Here is an overview of what we offer:
Practice Management
A fully customizable resource, Open Practice Solutions is based on open interfacing with the systems you already use. OPS will help medical offices streamline their patient scheduling, documentation, communication between staff, and billing. Administrative tasks become much easier to manage in a busy office with integrated clearing house services. Staff are able to learn quickly and dedicate more of their time to patient service with user level customization to limit staff access and views to their responsibilities.
Digital Imaging
Save your office the trouble of archiving paper receipts and other insurance correspondence with ORI’s integrated financial management and reporting system. Clearinghouse information is gathered automatically each day so staff can have important reports and information available on-demand. Additionally, the automated workflows are key to managing production timelines. Lastly, the system is balanced against your practice management system so you can identify posting errors and receipt discrepancies quickly.
Ticket Management
Built on the Salesforce CRM platform, MedBizCloud’s ticket and case management features are ideal for all clinic sizes. It can handle the complicated volume of details related to your medical billing. Clinic staff are notified when new tasks are sent to the client portal so they can respond quickly to billing changes and requests. This helps your staff keep track of important info like patient customer service needs.
Client Transfer
This feature is offered through our Citrix-based Sharefile. It allows clinics the option of secure file transfers through a notification and storage system. Essentially, scanned documents can be easily transferred to and from a clinic securely. Upload and download notifications tell users when they need to login to view new information. Additionally, the system keeps track of file movements for audits.
Bill Pay
One of the most important aspects of modern medical billing: online payment options. MedBizBillPay features online payment, statement bill pay, text to pay, interactive voice recognition phone pay, wallet pay, and more. MedBizBillpay offers clinics a trusted and full featured credit card portal for their patients by simply filling out the bank deposits forms. Statistically, patients are more likely to pay their bills on time when they are offered an online payment option. Our experts will help integrate the system into your website and statements, and credit card processing feeds are volume-discounted.
Along with offering these, ORI’s experts are prepared to help with an efficient roll out by providing training and integration on all of these systems. It’s all part of the onboarding package when clinics sign on for full service billing. Give Outsource Receivables Inc. a call to see how outsourcing your billing and improving your digital systems can benefit your clinic.
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