The complexity of medical billing can often put unnecessary stress on a clinic, which causes system error, manual error, or both. Essentially, while some clinics’ revenue suffers due to overworked or inexperienced billers, it can also be caused by a bad system. Even if a software works well for another similar office in the area, that doesn’t mean that it adequately serves all the needs of your staff. However, a lot of clinics don’t realize that until they’ve already spent the time learning and implementing the new software. After putting in all that effort, they decide to continue using the software, but that only causes more long-term issues they’ll have to deal with all over again. Instead of restarting your research, it’s more beneficial to reach out to billing experts for informed help.
Modern medical billing relies heavily on software, so outsourcing businesses have to also be well-versed in the medical billing systems available. Thanks to our client list, ORI’s team has had the opportunity to work with a vast majority of software out there and observe how they help or hurt an office’s productivity. We understand how frustrating it is to try and find the right one when your staff is already busy serving patients and completing claims, which is why we offer our software consultation services.
When you search medical billing software, some of the highest rated ones are Epic, Kareo, WebPT, Cerner, and more. However, it takes some additional in-house research to know which would be best for your office and differentiate between the best marketing versus the best system. For example, while WebPT has many positive reviews, it’s the leading platform for therapy professionals, and would not be optimal for specialized clinics. It’s important to ask the right questions beforehand—such as asking your staff what would help their productivity and asking yourself what your office’s daily needs are—to really narrow it down or select a software with useful customized tools. That’s where ORI steps in to streamline the process. Our billing experts can consult on the best option for your practice and help your staff figure out how to use it once you do choose.
Outsource Receivables Inc. works on all of the leading medical office/billing software, which helps us guide our clients through an efficient transition into the new system. Whether you’re looking for short- or long-term outsourcing help, we are also experts in improving a clinic’s billing cycle.
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