Minneapolis, MN & Chicago, IL Medical BillingIf you are looking for a surgical medical billing outsourcing company, choose one with years of experience and guaranteed positive results. Let Outsource Receivables Inc., & Health PCP be your guide to an increase in finances and overall productivity. Since 1998, we have been working with surgical providers to help improve their medical billing process and overall efficiency. With offices in Minneapolis, MN and Chicago, IL our team specializes in streamlining the medical billing process for your clinic so that you don’t have to get your hands in the administrative process. But don’t take our word for it…ask our clients.

Flexible Medical Billing Outsourcing Company

Just as there is no black or white in surgery, there is often no drawn lines in surgical billing. Surgical medical billing can be difficult due to its varying complications in nature. From different diagnosis, procedures, treatments and follow up visits, everything must be meticulously billed correctly or claims will start being delayed or denied. This is why having a expert in surgical billing on your side is so important. ORI & Health PCP understands that medical billing is an ever-evolving complicated area that has a million exceptions that make up a large grey area. Our experts are well versed on all aspects of surgical medical billing. Flexibility within medical billing is an essential part of getting paid.

Surgical Medical Billing Outsourcing Company

As a medical billing outsourcing company, we aren’t just here to process your claims and go home. We want to make your overall service of care more efficient and profitable. For this reason, our team will do a free assessment of your practice to evaluate everything from the revenue cycle to bench markings. Our free assessment includes a survey assessment, data gathering and analysis, and an on-site presentation of the findings. We do this so we can get a better understanding of your processes and how we can effectively improve them. With these findings, and our advanced billing technology, we will create immediate positive outcomes for your team.

Collaborating As a Team

Choosing the right medical billing outsourcing company for your surgical services is a big decision. We want everyone to feel confident that they are making the right decision with ORI & Health PCP. Our team offers invaluable technology solutions and workflow tools as well as a very hands-on approach so that collaborating as a team has never been easier.

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