Staying on Top of Medical Billing in the 4th Quarter: Tips from the ExpertsIn a nutshell, medical billing and coding are the engines that keep a healthcare practice in business. Any errors or inefficiencies along the way can create a longer and more labor-intensive process for receiving payment for services rendered. As we reach the end of the year there are things that a medical practice can do to maximize revenue and make the end of year process simple. Staying on top of medical billing in the 4th quarter is crucial for stopping reimbursement headaches. Investing in medical billing services provided by Outsource Receivables, Inc. (ORI) is a great place to start. The customizable solutions offered by ORI can provide you with the exact services you want and need for your individual clinic or practice.

Maximize Revenue for Your Healthcare Practice

The more a medical practice can do to eliminate billing, compliance, or coding errors the more they can maximize revenue and time spent with patients. While it may seem easier said than done, ORI can help to streamline your year-end reporting through monthly reports that contain comprehensive analysis. Key clinic metrics can be observed on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Your staff can easily look back to see if your performance goals were kept on track.

Performance Improvements for Year End Data

  • Reduce or eliminate billing or coding errors
  • Stay current on compliance requirements
  • Partner with an outside medical billing company like ORI to handle back- office administrative tasks
  • Produce a year-end dashboard that contains reports and analysis of key metrics for your clinic
  • Charge per visit
  • Billed claims by provider
  • Denials by reason code
  • Rejections
  • Open self-pay and insurance receivables
  • Receipts summary
  • Collection placements
  • Adjustments

Customized Medical Billing Services

There is no need to spend countless hours learning and understanding compliance regulations that keep changing each year. ORI has it covered, guaranteed. No matter if you are a single practitioner clinic or your practice has a sizeable team of providers, you will receive quality and attentive services that are customized to meet your needs.

Highly Qualified Medical Billing Professionals

Having ORI handle your day-to-day medical billing process is like having a team of highly qualified professionals to take care of the most time consuming and puzzling administrative tasks. Our dedicated team of medical billing professionals is ready, willing and able to assist in the success of your healthcare practice. Fourth quarter medical billing solutions from Outsource Receivables, Inc. can effectively provide performance improvements in error reduction, compliance and advanced year-end analysis and reporting.

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