Medical Billing Solutions Provider Minneapolis, MNWhen it comes to the billing aspect of a medical practice, there is always room for improvement. The trick, however, is choosing the right medical billing experts to provide effective solutions for medical billing. At Outsource Receivables, Inc., & Health PCP, we provide our clients with the most advanced medical billing solutions based around billing technology. In turn, we’re able to help medical practices become more profitable.

For some medical practices, they lack the administrative support needed to keep the medical billing organized, compliant and timely. By choosing to partner with ORI, & Health PCP, you’ll be able to tap into our administrative support that will allow your practice to become more efficient. Our administrative team can help with processing charges and payments accurately and in a timely manner. In turn, you’ll quickly find that you get paid much more quickly, which is something that always seems to make our clients smile.

Billing Solutions Team

When it comes to customer service for your medical practice, ORI, & Health PCP can serve as your 1st party office. This customer service solution helps ensure that your patients are on the same page as your medical facility when it comes to claims that are owed. We’ll help process payment reminder letters and will even make calls to your patients to touch base on their pending medical bills. If a patient isn’t able to pay the claim in full, our customer service team will help create a payment plan so that the claim doesn’t go to collections.

Detailed Customized Medical Billing Reporting

Another unique solution that ORI, & Health PCP provides clients is detailed reporting. These reports are provided to clients monthly and provide an overview of the overall health of your medical practice when it comes to charges, denials, rejections, self-pay, receipts, doctor production, etc. If you’re in need of a customized report to help your practice become more financially efficient, we can help with that as well!

At Outsource Receivables, Inc., & Health PCP, we are constantly evolving to provide the most advanced solutions for medical billing. If you’re looking for assistance when it comes to administrative support, customer service or detailed reporting, our medical billing experts have you covered. To learn about these and other solutions for medical billing that our dedicated team can provide, give us a call today at (866) 585-2800. We’re committed to helping you achieve your medical billing goals every step of the way.

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