Working with expert medical billers doesn’t just mean a boost in revenue: it also means that they have an arsenal of software to recommend to help clients better understand and improve their day-to-day operations. For education clients that offer IEP services that need to be billed, we offer SimpleNote, a free proprietary software specialized for IEP services. This software is an accessible web-based system that can be easily customized to each client’s specific needs while meeting State requirements.

Some of the key benefits to working with SimpleNote include:

A user-friendly design that makes it easy to teach both school administration and providers how to use it. Easy to add appointments and schedule reoccurring ones.
An easy, accessible database to track returning and new students who are using the school’s IEP services.
Optimized search tools to make organizing and searching for patient history, students, appointments, and other providers a breeze.
A note bank that allows providers to keep track of the patient’s treatment journey and to inform other providers of their history (can also track a group session).
A platform to track each appointment through proper formatting by recording the patient name, time frame, procedure codes, and any addition notes.
Options to share across specialties so that other specialists working with the student can view progress.
An announcement section to easily communicate with the district or school’s providers.
Web portals available for use by both provider and district administrator for easy communication.

Overall, SimpleNote makes recording patient information and communication between all necessary parties effortless so any issues can be resolved as they arise. Plus, it streamlines the school’s billing records, so our experts can organize your billing process; then, the district gets paid on schedule. This software has been used by our clients for over 10 years, and we continue to use it because our clients are successful. In addition, SimpleNote is 100% HIPAA and FERPA compliant and meets all state and federal guidelines thanks to its ability to customize to your state requirements.

To learn more about SimpleNote and how it can streamline your school’s billing process, contact Outsource Receivables for a demo. We can also provide information on how our medical billing experts will optimize the billing process of your IEP services so your school district improves their revenue.

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