In the age of COVID-19, the healthcare industry has had to rework procedures and the overall system to protect both workers and patients. These changes will most likely continue as the country and states begin to open at their own speed and will become the new normal for many sections of healthcare. As specialty clinics prepare to open, are the staff prepared for all these new accommodations? Watch for these key indicators: overworked staff and lost revenue.
Even though states are beginning to open up, clinics should still keep in mind that we are living through a global pandemic. This can take a toll on your staff’s mental health—especially as rescheduled and new appointments fill your clinic’s schedule. If the staff choose quantity over quality and start working too quickly through patients, it could also start to affect their quality of work as they speed through processes or become overworked. While there may be an influx of appointments, be sure to properly space them out so the staff does not suffer burnout—especially when dealing with billing.
A clinic’s billing is what keeps revenue moving, and too many mistakes will result in denied claims and loss of revenue. The billing staff should be up-to-date on any changes in the billing industry that occurred during the period of COVID-19 and telehealth billing. Billing procedures are continuously evolving in normal times, and they have continued to change even now. Additionally, ensure that the front staff who record patient information are being thorough and not cutting corners. Insufficient or incorrect information given to the billing staff will then result in a denied claim, so the billers have to spend more time correcting those claims instead of moving on to the next ones.
If the billing staff begins to fall behind or show other signs of overwork like an influx of mistakes, then it might be time to consider outsourcing some or all of your billing. Our billing experts will ensure that your revenue increases thanks to our state-of-the-art technology that ensures efficiency, expert billers who keep up-to-date on any industry changes, and a business model that only requires clinics to pay for time spent on billing. We work with all sizes of clinics to ensure they can increase their revenue to keep their clinic running smoothly even during these hard times. Give us a call to find out how ORI can help save you money.
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