Have you thought about your 2016 revenue cycle management and clinic business goals? Even the most well run practices can benefit from reflection and goal setting at least once a year. Some things for you to consider as you begin your journey into 2016 are:

Communication improvements: Relaying your ideas for growth, your plans for efficiency, and general office updates can fall short in the fray of everyday business. Without a communications plan in place, it’s likely this important function of business will be overlooked. So how can you improve communicating with your staff?

At Outsource Receivables Inc, we’ve set up a system of daily “huddles” where staff meet for a brief, but effective, check in. We’ve found these brief huddles are much more efficient than setting a weekly, hour-long meeting. We suggest setting a time limit of 15 minutes to ensure a short morning huddle doesn’t draw on into a long daily meeting.

Defining your metrics: Looking at the numbers can be both motivating and depressing, but either way it needs to be done! Knowing your tolerance thresholds for aging accounts and comparing reality to expectations is necessary for the health of your clinic. Set goals around things liking 90 day aging and collections of self-pay accounts. For ideas on what metrics are important for health care clinics, read the Outsource Receivables Inc. Promise here.

Setting goals: Giving yourself and your staff a set of goals to strive for gives everyone focus and clarity. Whether your goals are financial, customer service in nature, or efficiency related, having your goals set helps to ensure your business continues to grow in a positive way. Taking the time now to define those goals gives you the chance to start 2016 off right.

Technology: A true double-edged sword, technology is nothing if not ever-changing. Keeping up with the latest improvements to medical billing technology can be overwhelming for a business office. One of the biggest benefits to outsourcing your billing office is someone else is keeping up with technology. This is a huge time saving benefit to your employees and opportunity to save your clinic money.

Moving your clinic to a growing, prosperous, and mature clinic is a goal researching. Setting your goals today will guide you to success tomorrow. ORI has worked with mid-sized independent medical practices across the Upper Midwest in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and other states since 1998. We work with our clients to give them the services, strategy, tools and data to meet and exceed their medical billing goals. Give us a call in the new year to learn more about how we can help your practice.

If you would like an assessment of your practice’s business office and technology we can help. To set up your consultation and complimentary analysis of your current business, call Dan Smits at Outsource Receivables Inc. today. 763-398-5209 or 866-585-2800 (option 1).

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