One of the most important aspects of effective medical billing: proper documentation. Healthcare providers require precise systems to ensure their staff are taking proper notes and service documentation, but sometimes those processes can get lost in the hectic school environment. Without proper documentation of the Medicaid-based services offered in an educational institution, a school district can start to lose revenue. One way to help with this challenge is to implement a routine study for staff involved in those services. 

Teachers and faculty already have a full day of managing kids and a curriculum, so quarterly check-ins on the activities that support Medicaid can seem like a hassle if not managed efficiently. A common methodology that many schools use is the Random Moment Time Study (RMTS) process. Those studies help gather information on the amount of time that certain staff members spend on services that are eligible for Medicaid (such as working with special education students). The RMTS typically occur on a quarterly basis, and alerts are sent to the chosen staff member at a random moment in their day. 

Why exactly are RMTS so important? If the RMTS are not filled out properly, then a school could start to have trouble tracking their billing needs. Schools need to turn in the surveys in order to get proper reimbursement from Medicaid. Without them, their budgets and the medical services they provide will suffer from that lack of revenue. The school district should also ensure that the software they use has been properly sending out and recording the staff’s results.  

While the RMTS can seem like a hassle, it’s important for staff to understand the medical billing procedure and why they should fill those studies out in a timely manner. Outsource Receivables Inc has a special tech add-on to help school districts manage this need and make it easier for the teachers to get notifications about when they are required to fill them out. Our software integrates and collects the surveys so the admins have easy access to them and can send them on to whomever in the Medicaid world needs it. If your school requires help on your Medicaid billing and the administrative tasks that go with it, give our billing experts at ORI a call. We can help manage some or all of your Medicaid billing needs. 

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