Outsource Receivables focuses on mid-sized independent practices as it’s core outsourcing business. Independent practices need to stay competitive in today’s changing market with corporate mergers and large clinic systems dominating the market in some geographic areas. It is ORI’s goal to bring a full team of experts to clinics in the area of technology, customer service, reimbursement, and strategic leadership to manage independent practice medical billing. Additionally, we want to provide this expertise in a cost effective, seamless manner with an “in-it-to-win-it” approach for mid-sized practices. ORI can do this all within a competitive pricing structure by bringing together multiple clinics into a single business office. The advantage for practices is the ability to focus on providing medical care and leave the business office to ORI while saving significantly on overhead expenses.

Independent practices must keep up with an ever expanding complexity to stay viable. To this end, ORI is continually focused on keeping clients competitive through process development, workflow improvement and providing supporting technology and expertise. Whether in the areas of technology and training or best practices for a front desk, insurance verification or collections, ORI is continually working towards the highest quality and productivity revenue management cycle possible.

Other organizations support the marketing arm of independent practices. MIPA, or the Midwest Independent Practice Association, is comprised of independent primary care and specialty physicians throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. MIPA supports patients in choosing the right independent practice for their health care needs. MIPA advocates for independent groups in part because “independence allows doctors the freedom to… refer you to any doctor or hospital, or question any health plan directive for the sole benefit of you, the patient.”

ORI understands the desire to be independent from years of working with administrators that need to be responsive to the requirements of their board and physicians. If you would like to learn more about our approach call Dan Smits, Founder and CEO of Outsource Receivables. ORI can work with you to develop an assessment of your private practice’s billing functions.

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