We live and work in a completely paperless environment at Outsource Receivables Inc.  Our production oriented office depends on the efficiency the cloud provides; from information exchanges with our clearinghouses to electronic payment postings, the secure cloud environment makes ORI efficient in physician medical billing services and getting our clients paid quickly.

There are many cloud computing service providers out there. With more and more interfacing taking place in the cloud having a technology partner that can help solve problems is critical for success. ORI is always looking for companies that offer the on-demand service and support, customization, and technology integration solutions we need. In addition, we need business to business services that work with our culture of collaboration and problem solving from a partnership approach.

When Outsource Receivables Inc. began looking for partners that offer such a service for medical billing we found ProCirrus.  ProCirrus is an end-to-end solution that leverages the power of the cloud with a unified desktop and local network enterprise.  Secure and HIPAA compliant; we’ve found that this application is an integrated partner for our business.  The platform integrates with standard Microsoft applications like MS Office and creates a cloud based desktop that is accessible from any location creating greater employee flexibility.

Some of the features we found critical to success in medical billing include:

Redundant backup.  With a full data center and real-time redundant backup at both the server and storage levels, our office is fully guarded from catastrophic loss of data.

Security.  ProCirrus has put in place a very high level of security that functions at multiple levels.  It is fully HIPAA compliant.  ProCiruss describes themselves as the “junk yard dog” of security.  For more information about ProCirrus security, click here.

Customization.  With this system ORI was able to build a fully customized service and desktop to fit the multiple needs of our company.  Integration between departments and the ability to integrate our proprietary workflow system have been critical to the success of the partnership and the physician medical billing services we provide

Making technology work for us has created a streamlined and efficient production environment at Outsource Receivables.  Keeping all of the details on track is what makes our company successful and allows us to bring the highest level of service to our clients.  The Procirrus partnership approach is a key tool in that success.

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