Patient Self-Pay ProcessAs a medical provider, one of your goals should be to make the overall patient experience a smooth one every step of the way. Yes, that even includes the billing process. Patients come to your medical practice for care, guidance and your expertise in your particular medical field. What you don’t want to happen is for your patients to become frustrated by the billing aspect of your clinic. To help ensure your medical billing options are seamless for your patients, consider teaming up with our dedicated staff at Outsource Receivables. As medical billing experts, we have mastered the patient self-pay process, which will make their patient experience much more pleasant. We incorporate elite customer service with efficient billing options for medical clinics.

Offering Patient Self-Pay Options

By offering patient self-pay options, the billing paperwork is able to be completed faster. In turn, this means that your medical practice will get paid more quickly. With our medical billing experience, we’ll help catch errors before they are submitted to the insurance provider and we will ensure that the costs you are charging your patients are accurate the first time around.

Patient Self-Pay Process Training

The patient self-pay process may be a new concept for your medical in-take staff. To help make this a smooth transition, our medical billing experts will work with the members of your office to teach them the fine detail around the self-pay process. We’ll help you set reasonable self-pay expectations from the beginning so that collecting the payment from your patients on the backside will go more smoothly.

Patient Self-Pay Service Collections

By utilizing our patient self-pay service, your patients will have a much better understanding of their out of pocket costs prior to the service being rendered. This will help boost the likelihood of a patient payment occurring at the time of service. Additionally, we help with calls and necessary letters encouraging your patients to pay their pending medical bills in a timely manner. If your patients are not able to pay, we can help you with developing a fair payment plan for both parties involved. This will help ensure that your patients don’t go to medical collections.

If you are looking to streamline your patients billing experience, partnering with our team at Outsource Receivables is the way to go! Our patient self-pay process, provides quick medical documentation, prompt patient payments and a practice revenue increase. Call to learn more how our medical billing experts can help your medical practice today at (866) 585-2800.

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