In this modern age where medical technology and the healthcare industry can change in the blink of an eye, it’s important to have experts on your side who can help your clinic run smoothly. In terms of billing and administrative tasks, Outsource Receivables Inc. is proud to partner with hundreds of U.S.-based clinics to give them peace of mind when it comes to their revenue cycle and other daily tasks. We offer a variety of solutions, and they focus around helping our clients save money and time through expert services. By working with these medical clinics, we are helping them:


Worry Less About Administrative Work Through Improved Software


We’ll help your in-house team streamline their work while our outsourced team will then spearhead your billing needs. We understand that the billing process begins the moment a patient calls your office to schedule an appointment, so we offer additional services that help your workflow; mainly, finding a software that works for your clinic, whether it’s big or small. Our experts have worked with most of the medical software being offered, and we can learn whatever one your clinic has chosen and needs help with implementing. The right software will help your team collect patient history and billing information, improve communication between staff, schedule appointments, mark down information for billers, and send out online payments. Following up on payments or sending out hard copies takes a lot of the front staff’s time, but when they’re able to send bills and reminders online, they have more time to serve your patients.


Support Their Revenue Cycle by Maintaining Compliancy


One of the biggest issues clinics with in-house billers face is compliance. If the billers on staff are not equipped to stay up to date on all of the coding and industry changes, then your clinic could quickly fall behind in revenue, which puts more stress on the entire team. A clinic that is struggling with its processes, patient relations, and billing can frustrate your patients and cause them to lose trust in your services. As a result, ORI can help your medical clinics in a variety of ways once our experts take over the billing. As your clinic continues to grow, you’ll have the monetary means to hire more staff, update equipment, and even expand your location.
Overall, our services are focused on helping clients spend less time on complex billing and more time on patient customer service. If you’ve been struggling to balance your revenue cycle and patient management, give Outsource Receivables Inc. a call to ask about our how our experts can support your office through experienced billing services.
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