Chicago Medical Billing CompanyPain management medical billing can be quite painful. If you aren’t an expert in the field, you may start finding that your clinic is financially more “in pain” than your actual patients. At Outsource Receivables, Inc., we believe that the provider’s focus should be on the patients, not on the billing. Too many providers get caught up in the mundane task of billing and coding when they should be focused on the welfare of their patients. At Outsource Receivables, Inc., it is our job to take the burden of pain management medical billing and rest it on our shoulders instead of yours. If you run a pain management office or clinic in Chicago, let Outsource Receivables, Inc., take your clinic to the next level.

Medical Billing Services

With so much experience and training in pain management medical billing, we believe that we can take any clinic and make them more productive no matter what growth stage they may currently be in. We have had success in all different stages of growth for clinics. Start-up, growing, clinic software transitions, and mature clinics can all benefit from our medical billing services at Outsource Receivables, Inc. Unlike any other Chicago company, we perform a free assessment on every single company that is choosing to partner with us. This assessment offers much insight to where the clinic is headed and where we can help improve the clinic functionally and financially. The return on investment when you partner with Outsource Receivables, Inc., is always a joy.

Pain Management Medical Billing

One great thing about outsourcing your medical billing to us is that you have experts that understand the medical billing process in every way, shape and form. While someone you are looking to hire may have to be trained or take additional classes to get up to speed with pain management medical billing, our expert staff already adds a wealth of knowledge and skill set to get your business paid. Outsource Receivables, Inc., has state-of-the-art level technology that works efficiently to ensure that claims are being done correctly and under the rules and regulations of insurance and Medicare. If a claim is ever rejected or denied, we will work to have the issue corrected within 48 hours. This means no delay in profits.

Ready to learn more? Serving Chicago, IL, Outsource Receivables, Inc., is ready to answer any questions you may have about pain management medical billing. For more information or to get your free assessment today, give Outsource Receivables, Inc., a call today at (866) 585-2800.

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