Reading all about the benefits of CareCloud is one thing but seeing its usability in real-time will really show how its software has been designed to benefit practices of all sizes.
When interested users request a CareCloud demo, they get a thorough showcase of how this expert, cloud-based software can improve your clinic’s profitability, productivity, and patient engagement. Thanks to its customizable system, it can be utilized by practices of all sizes so they can work smarter, not harder.
During the live demo, the watcher will be shown how user-friendly the software is set up and the amount of specialized services they can provide. If your practice’s biggest issue, for example, is billing and collections, then you will be able to ask questions on how CareCloud will improve your financial management.
The demo will focus on key services such as:
•   Patient charts
•   Task management
•   Billing/collections
•   Patient engagement
•   Scheduling
Essentially, with CareCloud in place, office staff will be able to manage everything in one place, which saves time and hassle as they easily organize financials, patient engagement, and scheduling. CareCloud can even be used from a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone, so the medical experts will be able to view it at any time.
If a practice has not yet modernized their practice, then this demo is also an ideal opportunity to see how an EHR system works and can benefit your clinic. With an EHR system in place—especially CareCloud—medical practices will be able to improve their communication with patients, offer convenient paying options, and save the staff time on daily tasks such as data typing.
Outsource Receivables Inc. is a verified CareCloud reseller who can give a thorough demo of CareCloud and explain the benefits of localized support from our medical billing experts in our Minneapolis and Chicago offices. Call us today to set up a demo.
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