Outsource Receivables Inc. is proud to announce that they have attained the seal of HIPAA compliance from the Compliance Group. Since 1996, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act has been used by relevant healthcare entities and businesses to outline the lawful use and disclosure of protected health information, otherwise known as PHI. They are a strict set of regulatory compliances that help ensure those entities are properly protecting the privacy, security, and integrity of patient information; this includes private information like addresses, phone numbers, medical records, Social Security numbers, etc. Successfully achieving HIPAA compliance requires extensive documentation and grading that is reviewed by HIPAA officials.
In order to receive this seal of compliance, ORI completed a series of national standards, which include:
  • Self-audits. ORI conduced annual audits of our organization that assessed how our Administrative, Technical, and Physical attributes complied with HIPPA standards.
  • Remediation Plans. If any gaps in compliance were found during the self-audits, then we implemented fully documented plans to solve compliance violations.
  • Policies, Procedures, Employee Training. We developed regulations for ORI that corresponded to HIPAA Rules. HIPAA also requires these to be regularly updated to account for any changes in our business or the industry related to these policies. Additionally, we held annual staff training meetings to ensure our employees were aware of our policies and procedures to maintain our HIPAA status.
  • Documentation. We documented all efforts done to conform to HIPAA compliances. This is an essential part of their extensive investigation.
  • Business Associate Management. ORI documented any vendors that we shared PHI with, in any way, to ensure this information was handed securely. These documents are also analyzed annually to account for any business changes or change in relationship with the vendors.
  • Incident Management. Per HIPAA regulations, we put together a procedure in the event of a data breach to outline how we document the event and notify clinics if their data has been compromised. These are created in accordance to HIPAA Breach Notification Rules.
Outsource Receivables Inc. utilizes the Compliancy Group to manage new regulations and requirements in order to maintain organizational, vendor and client HIPAA compliance. We are a premier outsource medical billing agency that serves specialty clinics across the nation. Review our website or contact us to ask how we can improve your clinic’s revenue.
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