Outsource Billing and Collections ChicagoManaging the billing and collections system in your medical practice is time consuming, tedious and can even be frustrating. Insurance companies change their processes often — and this must always be balanced with the need for efficient reimbursement.  Billing and collections is critical to your cash flow management and your practice’s overall success.  If you have been struggling with your billing system or are concerned that your current administrative team may not be able to manage all the moving parts, it may be time to consider outsourcing your billing and collections systems. Outsource Receivables Inc. (ORI) specializes in one thing – being a superior receivables management resource for medical offices in the Upper Midwest.  Our team can help you with all aspects of the billing process so that you can focus on patient care, marketing and running a successful practice.

Improve Your Practice’s Efficiency

The team at Outsource Receivables Inc. focuses entirely on billing and collections, so that you do not have to.  Our administrative team is fast, efficient, and accurate. All we do is medical billing, so we are always up to date.  We can handle all (or any portion) of the following tasks for you:

  • Posting all medical billing charges and payments accurately the first time
  • Working denials, rejections, and self-pay accounts in a timely manner
  • Taking care of client deposits
  • Providing cash flow and business reports on a bi-weekly or monthly basis
  • Communicating clearly with all clients and answering questions within 48 hours
  • Answering patient calls as soon as possible, often within just 2 hours.

Outsource Your Medical Billing

We also value each one of our customers.  ORI understands that billing is important to your bottom line and we will always work to ensure that you are paid quickly. But, we will never compromise on our customer service. Whether that means ensuring timely communication with a patient, or making sure that we are available to answer a question from a member of your valued staff, we will communicate clearly, quickly and professionally.

When you partner with ORI, we will offer specific recommendations for improved overall performance, including changes in processes, technology, staffing and a proposal that shows your return on investment so you get a clear picture of what to expect given your investment.  For more information about the billing services that our team at Outsource Receivables Inc. can provide your practice, call our Chicago office at 708-864-4972.

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