Outsource Receivables Inc. is introducing a new tool for our revenue cycle management clients and medical billing outsourcing prospects to use in helping determine savings when you reduce the percent you have in receivables. This is an excellent way to show the benefits of hiring a professional medical billing team to consistently work your receivables and reduce your 90+ aging. Try it and realize the difference ORI can make in your clinic’s bottom line.  Click the icon below to get an idea what medical billing outsourcing can mean to your practice.

ROI Calc2.

Some clinics don’t know what good aging really looks like. We all know you will always carry some amount of aging receivables on your books. That is simply part of the medical billing business. However, being aware of when your aging is becoming a problem is many times overlooked by a busy on-site business office. As long as there is money coming in to pay the bills, everything looks good right? When working with Outsource Receivables, we help you monitor your aging. We also make a commitment to you to keep your aging accounts at 12% or less. Keeping track of your aging helps you to set goals within your office as well.

For another perspective, Byyan Walpert published an article on the ACPInternist blog about how to decide whether you need an outside billing company as well as tips for choosing the right one. It is dated 1999 but is an even more salient topic in 2014.

The opportunity for your office to be more profitable in 2014 is just a phone call away. To set up your consultation and complimentary analysis of your current business, call me, Dan Smits, at Outsource Receivables Inc. today. 763-398-5209 or 866-585-2800 (option 1).

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