It’s a new year with a new budget and bottom line to meet. For some clinics, this is a great opportunity to improve their current billing process. A slow or inefficient billing staff can heavily impact a clinic’s revenue. Also, billing staff that lack expertise and industry knowledge can create more issues than they solve. For example, if the changes in the medical industry or coding updates have caused claim backups in the past, consider what planning needs to be done and which areas updated now. Moreover, a staff that cannot keep up with the billing only costs a clinic more money, so outsourcing could be the best option in 2020. In many ways, it can help you save time and money. Instead of paying a full-time employee salary, you will only have to pay for the time expert staff spend on your billing, which is ideal during those slower seasons.

As we have worked with dozens of clinics over the years, we’ve observed how each one organizes their billing and where it can be improved. Mistakes in coding cause some of the biggest problems in clinic billing. Once a mistake is made in the coding process, it causes a domino effect of issues which ultimately delays payments and can result in a loss of revenue as more time is put into fixing the incorrect claims.

As your clinic’s patient list fluctuates, it can also be a struggle to figure out if you’ll need more or less staff to take on your billing needs. If your process has already become bogged down due to an inefficient billing operation, our experts can help streamline the process. Some clients may falsely think that outsourcing will slow down the system, but this is not the case. Our staff know the correct way to keep the revenue rolling smoothly with top-notch software and by staying up-to-date on medical coding. Plus, by spending less time on problem solving late payments and collections, the clinic staff have more time to dedicate to your patients, which in turn makes everyone happy.

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