Outsource Receivables, Inc has recently been working with CareCloud; a cloud-based practice management system that offers advanced features and benefits for practices of all sizes.
As a leader in cloud-based practice management systems, CareCloud gives you the opportunity to spend less time worrying about patient paperwork and denied claims so you can focus more on providing your patients with the best care possible. It showcases many features and benefits found in other systems on the market, but the unique selling point of CareCloud is its ability to scale with the size of your practice. The customizable platform can fit the need of a small practice through a large-scale enterprise.
Some of the features and benefits include:
•   Intuitive, user-friendly experience
•   Customizable apps
•   Patient portals for easy communication
•   Analytics and customizable reports
•  User Driven Payment processing
•   Cloud access – compatible with Windows, Android, and IOS systems such as iPads, iPhones, and Macs
Will CareCloud Be a Good Fit Now and In the Future?
The fact that CareCloud is constantly innovating and adapting to how the medical billing world is changing gives peace of mind about making the switch to a new system. With everything in today’s world being so fast-paced, CareCloud will keep you focused on your patients’ experience without having to worry so much about an inefficient process.
Outsource Receivables, Inc is a value-added CareCloud reseller. If you’re interested in learning more, or would like a no cost, no obligation demonstration, give us a call today.
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