May is Mental Health Awareness Month. A healthy body needs to care for the physical and mental aspects, so this month was created to advocate the importance of mental health and help reduce the stigma around it. Some ways to do this:
Check in with yourself.
Even if you do not have a diagnosis, a person’s mental health can still decline or improve just like physical health. It’s important for everyone to reflect on how they are feeling—happy, overwhelmed, stressed, content, tired, etc.—and if they need some self-care. Wellness could be a day off of work for some and others will need to schedule an appointment with a therapist.
Prioritize your mental health.
Similar to how healthcare professionals recommend a balanced diet and exercise for physical wellness, there are ways to support your mental wellness, which often coincide.
-Get around 8 hours of sleep every night.
-Stay hydrated.
-Exercise regularly.
-Eat a balanced, nutritious diet.
-Practice mindfulness.
-Participate in hobbies or activities you enjoy.
-Socialize with friends and family.
Reach out for help.
If you struggle to maintain good habits or recognize you are having more bad days than good ones, then it might be time to seek out a professional. Therapists are ideal for understanding your emotional and mental wellness and the first step in a diagnosis if that applies. There are many telehealth options now, which can be very accommodating for those who are worried about the time it takes to find the right therapist.
Sending out emails to your patients with relevant information like above or reminders about scheduling their follow-up appointments would be a timely task for this month.
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