Medical Billing Services

Running a private medical practice can be a difficult task to handle on your own. Managing a private medical practice doesn’t mean that you have to handle all aspects of the clinic internally. In fact, choosing to partner with a medical billing services provider may be one of the best decisions that your medical practice ever makes. At Outsource Receivables, Inc. we have a passion for sharing our medical billing expertise with private medical practices across the area so that their billing processes can be simplified. In turn, the productivity and efficiency of your practice is sure to get a boost. To top it off, valuable time is freed up, which can be better utilized with your patients.

Invest in a Medical Billing Team You Can Trust

With any partnership that you develop with a third party, trust should be at the core of the relationship. The same applies when choosing a medical billing services provider. We are a team that keeps your private medical practice’s best interests in mind at all times. Your expertise is practicing medicine and you can trust that we are experts in the medical billing field. In the same way that you care for your patients, our dedicated staff has that same passion for seeing your medical practice succeed. Our large portfolio of business has given us the experience needed to handle your medical billing needs effectively.
Medical Billing Services | Medical Practice Billing Service

Increase Your Practice’s Revenue

Many private medical practices don’t realize how much revenue is lost or forgotten each year simply because claims were processed inaccurately. Let’s face it, most medical providers didn’t go to school to learn the best way to process medical claims. Now is a great time for you to step back and place your focus on what is most important to you, your patients. Putting your medical billing needs into the hands of our billing experts will quickly make your practice more profitable. By taking advantage of our billing services, claim errors will be reduced, while revenue and cash flow for your practice will increase. By investing in our medical billing service, you’ll actually save money for your practice. Studies have shown that each medical providers staff often spends as much as 80 hours per month dealing with billing and paperwork. Just think about how much more time will be freed up for you to spend with your patients. You’ll see increased profits and our billing service costs less than hiring an in-house billing representative. We are confident that we can increase revenues for your practice significantly in the first few months.

Reliable Medical Billing Services

When developing the medical billing processes and technology solutions that our current clients love using, we wanted to make sure that all of our services were easy to use. The last thing that you want to deal with is trying to figure out how to use confusing software. Outsource Receivable’s billing system is easy to use and comes built to provide you with all of the reporting that your practice may need. With these advanced reporting tools, you’ll be able to maximize the financial earnings of your practice. Customization is an aspect of our process that ensures your practice is getting exactly what it needs when it comes to medical billing services.  A few key features that your medical practice can gain from our medical billing system includes:

  • Reducing claim coding errors.
  • Speeding up the claim reimbursement process.
  • Increasing the likelihood of recovering outstanding claims.
  • Providing a confidential location to store patient records.
  • Ensuring that your medical practice stays in compliance with the ever changing billing rules and regulations.
  • Offering detailed reporting that can be customized to fit your practice’s needs.

If you are overwhelmed by the time and energy that it takes to run a medical practice while handling the billing services on your own, it is time for you to make a change. Leave all of your medical billing needs in the hands of an experienced medical billing service team that cares about managing your billing needs in the same way that you care about your patients. To learn more about how our medical billing services can help make your medical practice more efficient and profitable, team up with our staff at Outsource Receivables today. Our medical billing technology is easy to use and simplifies the billing process for your practice. In turn, you’ll be able to spend much more time caring for your patients.