Medical Billing Outsourcing Services MN & ILLooking for medical billing outsourcing services for your medical practice? At QRI we are your nationwide experts that aim to simplify your medical billing services and expand your financial horizons. With our money back guarantee offer, your practice has nothing to lose!

Experts in Medical Billing

Many practices choose to outsource their medical billing services due to time and experience. In order for any medical practice to be successful, an efficient flow of financial billing is crucial. As insurance regulations change and reform is made, it can be hard for any medical practice to keep up. This is a large reason why outsourcing medical billing services is a great alternative. ORI means that you have expert medical billing professionals right at your fingertips, in all aspects of handling your medical billing needs. We have been providing medical billing outsourcing services to medical practices around the country since 1998. Our goal is to partner with each practice we work with and deliver medical billing and coding services that are above any industry standards around.

Dedicated Staff

Through technology and customer service, we aim to take each and every practice we work with to the next level. To do this, we feel that it’s extremely important to understand the current dynamics of the practice and then focus on ways to make it better and more productive. Therefore, we provide a free assessment to every practice looking for medical billing outsourcing services. The assessment begins with a collection of data gathering and analysis. We focus on components that involve your revenue cycle. From financial to organizational data within the office, we analyze what works best and what may need to change.

Onsite Free Assessment

We also do an on-site review to assess a multitude of operations within your practice. From seeing the pre-registration process to assessing the billing and follow-up of the patients, we want to review and evaluate everything in person. Once the data and review is complete, we present our findings to you and show you our recommendations. We include how we can help make your practice more profitable and how we can make your practice much more productive for your patients.

In any case, if you are considering medical billing outsourcing services, consider your experts at Outsource Receivables, Inc, Outsourcing your medical billing can yield your practice much better results. For more information, give us a call today at (866) 585-2800.

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